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  1. Bosi/Arrow Exhausts (2 Stroke Evo)

    Has anyone had any experience with the arrow exhausts on the 250 beta evo? Just wanted to hear off people who have upgraded? Cheers Richard
  2. Bike advise

    Been riding since I was 4, (Im 27 now and ride nationals) 2 strokes are easier to learn on, 4RT as an example are great but they can be hard work General rules: Nothing more than a 250CC Beta, Gasgas, Sherco are all great (and proven) bikes My EVO Beta 250 is sweet and has all the power you need (and more)
  3. 2016 & 2017 Honda 4RT

    Hi All, I was just curious if anyone know of 4RT test days in 2017? I cant seem to find much on the net.... Any help would be appreciated Regards Rich