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  1. I’ve got a older Oset 16 but would like to fit a bigger tyre like yourself. My son has had problems at event in conditions that I wouldn’t say are bad, but the Kendal stock tyre struggled. I would ideally like to get a spare rim, disc & sprocket spare wheel as a alternative tyre option I could quickly swap to if needed.
  2. My son did his first trials sunday brand new Oset 16.0 Kendal tyre struggled Quite a few riders said "it needs a new tyre that" when I said it was brand new on Wednesday they seemed surprised. have he rules changed with the ACU then. id like to put on a wider tyre
  3. I've got same problem. just fitted heavy duty chain upgrade & that exact mount has had some hammer. It will be a problem when need to remove the motor.
  4. Need help removing the small front sprocket from the motor. dont want to damage the motor with brute force. any tips would be greatly appreciated
  5. Superb information. im just going through the same problems. from what I've been told but trials UK is that the standard chain & sprocket set up on older model 16.0 was the 90 rear 12 front. This was changed in slightly later models due to problems. on Sunday my sons chain came off his bike twice, the second time the split pin bit was lost. after a really steady ride home we lost the remaining pin bits & had to push the bike 1/2 a mile home!!!! After speaking with trials uk about the problems with the older 90 tooth set up I've opted to get the upgrade kit. How difficult is it to fit & what does it involve? Do I need chain tensioner ?
  6. Got these other day for my sons bike as he trapped this fingers behind his new Clarke's Hydraulic brake levers. from eBay £9
  7. Would it be white flags for kids sections only? im thinking of getting some for practice for my son & want to get the most common colour used for kids / easy
  8. these? id like some levers that are small or adjustable as my son can hardly reach the stock (non hydraulic) levers
  9. So the red & black framed versions are just different years. Nothing to do with a racing version. Any idea what year mine sons is?
  10. Thanks for the info, it's just I've seen similar models (open battery) with black frames too.
  11. I was thinking I'd get a quicker response on here.
  12. I've just recently purchased this Oset 16 & the seller said this was a Red framed Racing version. Can anyone confirm this? thanks in advance