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  1. Wise words, thank you.
  2. Thanks a lot bondy, you're definitely the Bultaco forum guru.
  3. Hi there, Can some kind person tell me please, if there should be spacers of some kind between the top of the air box and the frame brackets. Regards, 340bulltaco.
  4. Hi there and thanks a million for that response. I have an Elstar J.A.P. 500 grass bike,raced it in the 1960's and now, in retirement, doing a rebuild. The only Elstar trials bike I ever saw was in the SSDT, also in the 60's. Many thanks again.
  5. Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can point me towards a source of Elstar tank decals?. I found one on Ebay some time ago but it was a pretty poor copy. I also found some good looking ones on a classic car/bike decal supply site but forgot to bookmark it and can't find it again. Any lead gratefully received, I've emailed Charlie "Otter" in hope too.
  6. Many thanks for that, trialsrfun.
  7. For what it's worth, I've just fitted my 199a front pipe to my 199b and it's just the same, no airbox issues or anything else. Can't really see how there would be, after all the only real difference is a slighly bigger hole down the barrel. While I'm here, does anyone have contact details for the "Owd Codgers" who go round the English autojumbles?. I read somewhere that they make side stands for the 199b .Any info gratefully received.