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  1. I guess you're right. Quite sure they announce last minute that Bou will not ride. In some sports, like tennis, or even Supercross, riders are offered money to stay silent on social media. We will see
  2. Sherco air filter install

    I have a girlfriend with small hands, that helps for sure. But besides that, I modified the backside of the airbox, so i can install the air filter from that side. And replaced the bolt for a modified one with a butterfly nut. The new opening is not big enough to install the filter from that side, but it helps a lot though.
  3. Toni Bou Sidelined with 3 Broken Vertebrae

    What surprises me is that Bou is announced for the X-Trial in Paris. Is he really gonna ride already? Is that possible with such an injury?
  4. Looking for manual/tech info on 2018 Sherco 300 factory

    Haha, this way they save some barrels of oil every year.
  5. Looking for manual/tech info on 2018 Sherco 300 factory

    I can confirm the 700cc oil. When the bike was delivered, there was only 600cc inside..
  6. Sherco 2017 300 heavy clutch pull

    I guess you are right, the pack is too big now probably. I found this product on Splatshop and will get myself another retaining plate: http://www.splatshop.co.uk/clutch-spring-retaining-plates-sherco-2017-scorpa-2017.html Will do another post when after I installed the parts. (retaining plate and AJP master cylinder)
  7. Sherco 2017 300 heavy clutch pull

    The 2017 clutch does not have 6 springs anymore, its a diaphragm clutch
  8. Sherco 2017 300 heavy clutch pull

    Thanks for the info, that was exactly what I needed. I measured my clutch spring retaining plate, and it is 2mm. According to the post the plate is 2,3mm now.
  9. Sherco 2017 300 heavy clutch pull

    I own a Sherco 300 2017, and I think the clutch pull is way more heavy than on any other bike. I had some more issues with the clutch. The clutch fluid was leaking, but this was fixed by swapping the slave cylinder seal. The heavy pull got worse since I changed the clutch plates. The really friendly people from Splatshop suggested to change the Braktec master cylinder for an AJP master cylinder. Does anyone have the same issues and is there any other solution besides changing the master cylinder? I changed the mineral oil for the Putoline mineral hydraulic clutch fluid. Thank you so much for any suggestions.
  10. Karlson to sherco

    He is gonna ride Swedish championship and train for extreme enduro. That's what he said in a Swedish radio interview.
  11. '09 Sherco 320 4T Rebuild Blog

    Good luck! This is how the motorcycle looked like in 2008:
  12. '09 Sherco 320 4T Rebuild Blog

    Cool to see your blog. This is my old bike, good to see it's still alive. Owned it between 2008 - 2010. (It's a 2008 model, not 2009 btw) If you want any info about it, just ask. The bike has quite some history and did back then a lot of small mods to improve the bike. Edit: Yes, I changed the carb after a few months to a sps version. Trottle response is so much better with the SPS carb, compared to the normal version.