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  1. I've got some new o rings coming, some new packing for the exhaust. Does the centre section have the wadding material in there too? When people say 10/30 oil, do they mean normal 4 stroke oil? I'll put fresh fluid in the clutch and adjust, along with 650ml of fresh oil. Bike had been stood in a garage for 2/3 year when I acquired it a couple of weeks ago.
  2. Hi, I entered my first trial last night and it seemed like the clutch was dragging, so much so that I had to either have it in neutral or keep the revs up to prevent it stalling. So I was going to change the gear oil to see if that helps the clutch, but I'm not sure what oil to buy. I think this is the filler hole? I also seem to have exhaust gasses leaking out of the connection in the photo, is there some gasket that should go there to prevent this? It also cut out and I couldn't kick it up again after 1 lap, but it started easy again today. I used a 50:1 ratio with Castrol power 1 fully synthetic 2 stroke oil, have I mixed too much oil. I've also drilled off the rivets to repack the exhaust, as it was rather loud, there wasn't much left in there. I cannot find an owners manual online. Thanks
  3. Thanks, that clears it up a little. It's not so much competing that I'd be interested in for him, but so he can ride with kids his age and learn from them, I've no idea how to do the required techniques, he's had his bike longer than me and I'm yet to have a go on it. He's wanting to do more than ride round the field and over little fence posts. I think I've read he needs a lanyard fitting so I've got one of them coming and I'll figure out how to get him an ACU licence.
  4. I'm having difficulty understanding how it all works, my son also has a 16, can he enter a trial even though it seems to be mid season and they seem to be named round 3 etc or is it only for those that have made it through the first 2 rounds?
  5. So, I bought the bike. I took the front forks off and got it in the back of my nissan note with ease. I didn't try and start it when looking it over, it had a good spark, all bearings are good. Fairly new chain and sprockets. Lower suspension has a fair bit of up and down play though. Tyres are fairly new and I was surprised they'd not cracked. Brought it home. Drained the tank. Pulled the carb and gave the jets a blast with air. The fuel strainer was clogged so I gave that a blast too. Reassembled and give it a kick and it fired straight up. Exhaust seems to have a few places where it's leaking and it's a little louder than I'd like, but it seems like a good buy. I'll have to research my options with that. Callipers are a bit gunky so they'll need a clean up, I'll change coolant and brake fluid while I'm at it. What oil is recommended for the gearbox? Also what ratio is recommended for the fuel? It's road reg too.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I'll do as suggested.
  7. It's not been touched for 2 years, should I just try and kick it over when I go look later? Or pop spark plug out and pour a drop of 2 stroke oil in there? Never had a 2 stroke.
  8. Hi. I've never owned a trials bike, but I've done an hour on a 125 at bumpy and it was quite fun. I've been offered a Gas Gas from a colleague, he said it was running before he put it in the garage a couple of years ago. Possibly a 95. Is it a good buy for just over £500? What should I be looking for? Common issues? Thanks
  9. Nice video. Some good editing. Wish i could ride that well. I'm rubbish.
  10. On my lads 2011 there is an adjustment dial next to the key hole. I'm not sure if the 2013 has the same or the 3 dial adjustment. Manuals are online if you search Google.
  11. I used an electric impact wrench on the loose motor without issue, you could also put the chain back on the sprocket and hold it in a vice. I'll be using threadlock when I put it back together.
  12. I've got hold of a manual and it says that I should check the motor bearings for free play, if the shaft can be pressed in to the motor at all it'll catch this mount it says. Impact wrench made light work of removing the chewed up mount, I've not go the whole way and removed them all and split the swing arm atm. Not sure why it says I need to remove the motor to do this, I'm sure if I just remove the split link and chain I can feel for any play in the shaft? I'm not used to these electric machines.
  13. 2011 oset 16 36V it's looking like the chain is rubbing one of the motor mount bolts. Chain doesn't feel overly loose, not sure what else to check. Anyone any suggestions? Thanks.