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  1. Dougie was 4th overall but Taddy lapped him :-0 I was right at the end of the boulder dash and taddy was way ahead then dougie stepped up a gear and the finish was bonkers both went for the line and ended up in a heap but taddy beat dougie but 1/2 a wheel :-( Dam shame as it would have been nice to see the heavy 4 stoke beat taddy on a light 2 stroke (who's minder was shouting where to go all the way through)
  2. Hi, I have just bought a brand new 2008 gasgas txt 250 pro, and would like to protect the frame from boot wear, does anyone recommend a frame guard ? I have been in touch with trick-bits but they only do the 09 round frame guards Any help will be great Cheers Phil
  3. Looking to set my suspension up on my bike , any tips you can give me will be great :-) How easy is it to drop the fork oil ? What are the standard settings ? Phil
  4. Can anyone help out ??? I want to insure my 2006 Sherco trials bike and its not road registered.... Spoke to Carol Nash...There quote 149.00 for in the garage and to and from events...seems alot to me !!! I also have a KTM 400 exc insured with E BIKE but the Sherco needs to be road registered 1st before they will add to my policy....for a extra 28:00 (which is very good) But looking at the hassle off road registering a bike over 6 months old seems to be a nightmare !!!!! Can anyone recommend a insurance company who will insure un registered bikes ???? Cheers Phil
  5. Thanks for the information. I spoke to martin at MRS on friday and there was a fault on a small batch off 2006 rear shocks, basically the lower mount was made from a poor grade off casting and as its under alot off pressure after time it streches the threads until it pops out !!!! I have gone for the