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  1. lol he says he can send the beta on a pallet for 50 i'm guessing thats to the local scrappy
  2. uk stockists too flat black aswell. google search
  3. excellent jon thankyou very much
  4. hi tried the search function but it wont let me search the "in" part something to do with too few key words,so can anyone advise me on the best method to run in a new top end (beta techno) and what mixture would you recomend for break in thanks
  5. thanks both i will try the oven cleaner method as the bikes top end is apart at the minute which rules out the rev method,never thought aabout the oven cleaner i used to use it to strip the anodized finish off gsxr frames when building streetfighters,so i know its pretty potent stuff.thanks again
  6. hi can anyone reccomend a good way to remove the carbon build up in a manifold,mine seems like its welded on.
  7. thanks arun, yes all i want is the top end replaced by them,im happy to keep the bike if they do this,who is nigel birket any contact details for him seller is now paying for the work to be done so all is good
  8. hi arun no the bore measurment is that of a 200 and the bike was sold to me by a dealer who is now completly ignoring me hence the solicitor...but i agree there prob ****e mechanics also mine does have a steel liner,my first thought was someone has sleeved down the 250 to make it a 200 not sure.
  9. strange because its been fitted with a 200cc engine ,time to consult a solicitor i think
  10. the parts diagrams show i should have a small end bearing,took my jug off last night and there is not one on my bike,its not been put together by mistake with it out, As the gudgeon pin is tight in the rod,there would not be any room for a bearing,anyone know whats on here?? did they make them in 1999 without the small end bearing
  11. cheers stork,i trailered it to a mechanic today and he whipped the manifold off and can rock the piston forward and back with his finger sticking thru the exhaust port,he said it needs a new piston kit..great anyone know the best place to get one i tried jk hirst and they want
  12. is it normal for a 99 techno to rattle on the top end ive just taken delivery of one with a fairly loud rattle comming from the top end,is this normal or does it require futher investigation cheers
  13. agreed,get your wallet out ya tight git
  14. thanks both not sure how easy they would be to get for me,but will bear them in mind
  15. hi does anyone know where i can get a stiffer rear shock spring for a 99 techno,failing that who can point me in the direction of a custom spring maker in the uk ive tried ktech with no joy,any help appriciated