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  1. all sorted now
  2. Can somebody please give me a RAL colour for the gold engine colour and the new frame colour. Thanks
  3. Does anybody want to swap a Raga 300cc Barrel head and piston for a Gasgas 250cc barrel head and piston. Must be perfect like my 300 and fit a 2004 Raga. Thanks
  4. Thanks for info. I now have spindles out I used a slitting grinder and will turn up some new alloy spindles. They were never going to come out as very badly corroded. How do you get the rear shocker linkage off the swinging arm? Any ideas where I can get an instruction manual.
  5. lads I have just bought a 1988 Fantic 303 and have a few problems. The back wheel spindle is seazed solid, tried heat etc, I have got it to turn but thats it. The swinging arm is also stuck fast. Any ideas? The inside of the middle exhaust looks heavy and complicated has anybody ever used oxy acetalene to clean it out or how do you get into to it to repack it? Is there a way of getting the carb off without taking half the bike to bits? Thats all for now
  6. Montesaman you know your stuff. The 1987 Honda RTL model was pink and had front and rear drum brakes. But the Rothmans colours are just the business and really sets these bikes off The first twin disc model was 1988 and I have one If you read the sale it includes the original front forks and drum front wheel which can be swopped over in 10 mins
  7. Anybody looking for a Honda RTL
  8. Your not wrong