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Rev 3 250: Ladybird Guide To Year On Year Parts Interchanging Needed

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Hi guys just bought myself a super clean & very well kept 2002 Rev 3 250, I don't know too much about these bikes to be honest, the only trials bikes I have owned being a white frame Sherpa, an '03 Montesa 315R and a '76 Honda TL125....oodles of enduros though.

I did a search for year on year Rev 3 changes and couldn't find what I wanted....and to me they all 'look the same to me' all bar colour schemes....are there certain change over years for parts interchanging for items such as plastics, decals, levers, engine consumables, brake pads etc. I just need a gentle pointer no need for war and peace, although that would be welcome!

any help, gratefully received :thumbup:

PS I know already prefer the Beta to my 315R, she was a tough old bus but always felt a bit of lump even for a novice as I am, as for Beta owners whinging about sticky cold clutches, try a 315R on a cold frosty morning or a Honda TL125 even when warm....if you want some excitement.

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Hello iconic558 and welcome.

I can advise some differences that I know about:

The biggest change was from 2000/2001 to 2002 and beyond. The earlier bikes had the airbox opening on the side of the bike and the later had it on the top, where the 'seat' is. I had a 2001 bike and this caused me loads of problems. Basically, the subframe is totally different and is a plate on the early bikes (It's a pair of rails on the later ones). This plate was prone to bending, and when it does it makes the airbox cover seal badly, letting in dirt.

I changed the whole airbox and found the following differed:




Frame (around top shock mount. Needed to be modified for the subframe to fit)


I fitted a 2004 swingarm (because mine had a seized shock bolt) and found that the rear caliper mount is different between 2001 and 2004 (I don't know when this changed).

After 2005, the rear caliper changed from 4 pot to 2 pot (and is better!) and so the rear pads are different

Other than that, the engine is pretty much unchanged throughout. I find 2004 250s a bit 'soft', but that may just be the ones I rode. The plastics are similar, and can be interchanged from any year post 2002 (although someone may well put me straight on that for the later years!). The forks got a nice black coating after 2005.

Hope this helps


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