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  1. Agree, It's a lovely flowing ride. Reminds me of Scotland. So, shrewd move for Albert to ride the SSDT?
  2. Well, I'm a 48 year old clubbie and went for the 290 as I found it gentle and easy to find and keep grip. The 250 I rode (and I accept that bike to bike, year to year there are differences) was just a touch flightier. Love my 290, I no longer even think about the bike, just the section. Great bike Graham
  3. That is the funniest thing I've seen on here in a long time! I love how the emphasis changes from "I can get out for a 3", to "Can you help me get the bike out" to "Oh bo77ocks"... Well done that man!
  4. All, Just an update in case anyone is still interested! I have now used the fox titans in a trial and can honestly say that I barely noticed them. Once I got them into a comfortable position where they sat under the top edge of the boot, they were fine. Of course, I now cam nowhere near needing to test them, but am perfectly happy if they remain untroubled! Graham
  5. I used a pair for 2 seasons and they were pretty good. I certainly never felt the need to ditch them. True enough, I can tell the difference an IRC gives me in soft southern shandy drinking mud, but for the cash they are not so bad. The seasons I had them on the bike was largely dry, and for summer trials I'd be hard pushed to tell the difference... But I am a bit crap... Graham
  6. Welcome Matt, Glad to hear you are supporting your local trials shops! Graham
  7. It does sound like fuel starvation. +1 for the post above; check that fuel is actually getting through. Then have a look to see if the float is stuck. I once put the floats in upsde down (yes, I know...) and that means the fuel valve is permanently closed...
  8. This has been a most enjoyable thread. Have we come anywhere near answering the poor chap's question? ;-)
  9. Good luck Martin. Don't be afraid to ask for more info if you have another bike to view. Let us know how you get on Graham
  10. Yes, the one with the rattly top end? Indeed a Rev3 is a better bike than the Tecno...
  11. There's one observer that regularly deflates round our way. He's now banned from extra onions on his pre-trial burger...
  12. All the above applies! In truth, it seems a bit steep, BUT, you could spend months searching out a better deal and that time is probable best spent riding. Engine capacity is pretty much unimportant. If you call John Lampkin (search Beta UK), he'll tell you straight away if you are concerned. Be careful about all the 'little things' though as they can soon mount up to be a 'big bill'! Just to give you some idea (and most of these things will need doing at some point on an older bike: Wheel bearings about £15 a wheel Swinging arm bearings/ bushes about £50 Linkage bearings about £60 Shock spherical bearings about £30 each end For seals (including oil) about £40 Tyres about £130 All are pretty easy to do, but this will help keep the price in perspective. It is possible to buy a decent honest bike that needs very few of the above for £1k (less if you're really patient); this guy has taken this as a p/ex and may not know about trials bikes. As such, he may not know the significance of any of the above (particularly tyres; those that don't know see 5mm+ of tread and think the tyre has years left; a trials tyre is knackered when it has the same depth of tread as when you bought it, but the edge has worn!). Control interfaces can add up; you don't want broken levers as the ball end is there to stop it puncturing you in a nasty; £15 each. Bent handlebars are £50 and plastics can cost loads. Even a pair of handlegrips is a tenner and it can all mount up. As stated above, if you get to water pumps and pistons etc, I suggest you keep looking. Otherwise, if it is a good, honest and sound bike, a 97 techno is a perfectly decent bike! Remember, don't let your heart overrule your head! Good luck Graham
  13. I think I'd struggle to reach the handlebars...
  14. grahamjayzee

    Twisted 200

    If I have, I'm deeply worried!
  15. grahamjayzee

    Twisted 200

    I think Brian, these were factory mods that the riders selected depending if the sections went left or right... I'll get me coat...
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