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  1. Non of the Above, I have a pair of Forma Boulders. No complaints.
  2. Hi I got told to buy a size bigger than normal but chose the "GO to shop and try on method" to be sure and ended up buyin the size i wear normaly, so i can asume there big fitting. But bare in mind everyones hooves are different so id say go to the shop and stick a pair on ya trotters! Best to make sure. Matt
  3. http://thumbsnap.com/Jr7JGzpo
  4. Hi Matt, How long you been riding trials if you dont mind my asking? Im just wondering how long i should wait untill i enter my first Trial thats all. Matt.T
  5. Hi all I've noticed a few threads on hear regarding fuel, and just wondered is there a massive advantage to running High performande petrol over the normal stuff? Also when i took delivery of my 2004 TXT 250 Pro the sales guy told me to use 70ml of 2 Stroke oil to every 5L of fuel. ive noticed on here people suggest all different amounts like 60ml 80ml or evan 100ml per 5L can. is there a set rule or is every bike different? Cheers Matt.
  6. I think that untill i get more confident ill stick to Bumpy. unless I would be able to meet up with a group of riders at Swaine.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys I opted for the cheating option and loaded up the bike and took it to Trials-uk in leeds, paid them to fix it while i watched. it was water and crap in the carb, so for a very reasonable price the mechanic took off the air box then the carb and talked me through what he was doing so id be able to do it myself in the futur.
  8. Thanks guys ill take it back off tomorrow and give it a squeeze also look for the float bowl and see if i can see how it comes off to blow out the jets?
  9. Hi I'm new to trials and just wondered if id done the air filter clean wrong? I have a 2004 Gas Gas TXT PRO. I road a full day yesterday ( fantastic first time out) and came home washed the bike as i should washed out my air filter and left on the radiator to dry. today I've re oiled with the spray on stuff put the plastic cage back in re fitted the filter, wiped down the oily mark's and started the bike. now the bike wont tick over. is it because I've put too much oil on the filter or is there something i could have knocked while cleaning?? Cheers Matt.
  10. Alright All!! Just wanted to say that after plenty of advice from this forum i finally bit the bullet and sold the GSXR 750 and last Monday took delivery of a Gas Gas TXT 250 pro, so over the space of the week i listened to the advice on here and began collecting the relevant kit required. The bike, helmet and boots came from RAS SPORT in brighouse and i must say the service was great and got the rest of my tackle, including a TRIALS FOR NUMPTYS DVD from TRIALS UK in Horsforth again excellent service! I opted for a rear mounted bike rack from Dave Cooper and had the toe bar fitted Friday. So yesterday was the first chance I had to get out and ride. I headed over to Swaine Woods at the crack of dawn, unloaded and toddled off into the woods to get my Duggie Lampkin ON!!, ten mins later in the deserted wood i was stuck in a big bloody Bog and toed my Rocks off to get the bike bike out...(Ambition outweighed talent!!) upon this i realised that if i got stuck again or crashed and hurt myself (been my first trip out) I may be alone for a while, So with my tail between my legs i loaded the bike back up and headed for bumpy reckoning that at least there would be staff there to dial 999 if needed. I had a nice steady ride about to get familiar with the site/my bike/my talent and after 30 mins was quite comfortable, i met up with 2 brothers that were local and very talented who offered loads of advice on technique and setup. one adjusted my clutch leaver to help with the pain i was getting in my hands. Before I went home I was riding up the steam and over the steps without dabbing, wheelie's were flowing nice I could do smallish drop offs and my face hurt from grinning!! This morning I feel like ive been run over and ache in places I didn't know existed i have bruise's all over and a dead leg to boot!! BUT I TELL YOU SOMETHING I CANT WAIT TO GET BACK OUT AGAIN!! The only thing that p****s me off is that i didnt do this sooner!!!
  11. I ended up buying a pair of Forma Boulder boots. I’ve only been out on the bike the once (yesterday) and they were great. Offered protection, comfy and were water resistant. Reasonable price too!.
  12. Come on thursday yor taking the p*** now!! Hurry up n be over already!!

  13. Morning Mick Im also a Road rider and complete trials virgin, I live in pontefract but will be riding in the leeds area. Im going this evening to buy my first Trials bike from Ras Sport in brighouse (#30yearoldkidinasweetshop!!) If you fancy meeting up and leaning how to fall off together give me a shout. I Think im going to ride at Bumpy in morley and also join the Horsforth club then i can practice said falling off in swaine woods on the ring road. just need a tow bar fitting and a rack ordering from Dave Cooper. As for Kit im going to go with Boots SkidLid and gloves as a Min and buy shirt and pants as n when. Ive been looking around and i think Trials UK in Leeds looks the shop to go to to pick there brains on Kit so ill be heading up there saturday i reckon. Matt.
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