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  1. Good evening, I had this problem on my old 2016 Evo. I used a blind bearing puller with a slide hammer and managed to get it out with no damage, I then rubbed it down with wet and dry until it was a much looser fit. For what its worth, Beta wouldn't give me a volume of oil, only an air gap measurement which was 130mm with spring out and 70mm on the damper side, which was 5mm more each side than the 2014 recommendation. I also phoned a Trials shop ( can't remember which one ) and they said that they always just put 300ml in each leg. I suppose if you start with 300ml you could easily add a bit more rather than having to try to take some out if you put too much in. Good luck
  2. I have had good results sticking down stickers with spray adhesive, the type used for sticking down vinyl and carpets, you can get it from the major builders merchants for £3.99 If its just the corners, spray some into a lid and then use a cotton bud to apply it to one side, wait 30 seconds, then press down. Any excess can be cleaned with a bit of brake cleaner on a cloth. If its really hanging off, peel it off, clean it up with brake cleaner or similar, ( and clean the surface its being stuck to ), spray the whole sticker, wait 30 seconds and refit. Good luck
  3. I would mr T, but you had them all before I could get any !!
  4. Hello, has anyone heard of a lighter spring that will fit a sachs rear shock on my 2019 Beta Evo 250. Apparently, an Ohlins spring doesn't fit . I'm only 9 1/2 stone and i find the standard one is too firm. Any other setting suggestions are also welcome Thanks
  5. peter_steer

    Brake help

    Hi Dan, thanks for the reply, every thing seems to be clean and free from paint, I have put a new seal kit in the master cylinder today, a got a slightly firmer feel on the lever, when I took the pads out and put the two faces together they seemed to be high in the middle ? I have flattened the pads off ( galfers ) on a flat surface and put them back in, I will bed them in again and see if its any better, if not i will put a new set of pads in and go from there. Cheers
  6. peter_steer

    Brake help

    Hi Lineaway, its a standard evo so it has grimeca parts. But like you say the lever does fade away and sounds a bit creeky when pulled firmley, it hasn't got that nice solid feel like it should. I have ordered a master cylinder seal kit from Lampkins today as I have had trouble with that area in the past with my other evo's and we will see if that improves it. Cheers.
  7. peter_steer

    Brake help

    Hoping someone can help with this one . 2016 Beta evo 250 2t . I have replaced the front brake pads and also new piston and seals a few months ago, now I have just noticed that the pads do not appear to be pressing on the whole of the disc. There only seems to be wear on the bottom 3/4 of the disc and that top 1/4 seems unmarked. The brakes work pretty good, but not as sharp as my friends evo when I tried his. The lever feels fairly firm but not as firm as some other bikes that I have felt recently. I have taken the pads out and they appear to angled, being fatter at the bottom, the pistons are all clean and come out and go back in ok. Just wondering if anyone else has come across this and can shed any light on it. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi shorty, for what its worth, I have owned four Evo's now and every one has had oily plugs, but they all ran fine. I have found that if you lean off the mixture / air screw to get a better plug reading, results in bogging when you open the throttle quickly. I also asked a few other riders about their bikes, but surprisingly they hadn't checked it ! Personally I now ignore the oily looking plug now and just concentrate on how the bike is running, making sure that I regularly clean the carb and always have a clean filter as my current 2016 bike is a bit prone to getting a bit of water in after I wash it.
  9. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I might try some s3 levers, I have taken two springs out or the clutch which helps, but I do have a bad clutch habit I need to get out of. I quite like the idea of some of the supplements in the hope of curing it, I will post up on here if I get any joy. Cheers, keep riding while you can !
  10. Thanks Dick, I will have a look into that.
  11. Good evening fellow riders, I am getting arthritic type pain in my index fingers and knuckles after riding. I am also getting pointy bits on the side of my index knuckle joints from the obvious repetitive use of the clutch and brake. Has anyone else experienced this, and have any wonder cures or suggestions, I have tried riding with two fingers on the levers, but find that quite awkward. Cheers in advance.
  12. Hi to you all, I would like to know what advantages/disadvantages there are between a 290 evo and a 250 evo e.g grip,power delivery and what gearing that you use. I currently ride a evo 200 and struggle with the short first gear, I have changed to 10/42 and use 2nd most of the time but sometimes its a bit wrong.Any advice appreciated,Thanks
  13. Hi everyone, i am new to this site and wanting to place an advert,but every time i try it comes up Title too short, description too short,country too short.Then when i make them longer it tells me they are too long!!.Any help appreciated
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