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  1. I am still planning to meet you on Sunday at the Tim’s . I have not ridden since 2000 so it should be all kinds of fun!
  2. Hi Michael, I’d seen the FB group but thought it would be done for the year. Not sure anyone should allow me on any bike that I haven’t paid for at this stage but I’ll try get up there on the weekend.
  3. Thanks Moto, sound like you are riding in a similar environment to what I will be. I also plan on getting the seat to use whilst getting comfortable on a bike again.
  4. First time hearing of the Amal. Thanks
  5. Thanks jonnyc, I am sure I’ll have questions once I can source one of the bikes in Canada and have it shipped and just in time for the snow. I think the more questions I ask the more confusing it all gets. Very good chance I’ll be only balancing in the garage until May and end of snow season. Thanks again
  6. Good point. New to the forums
  7. Thanks mcman, this is all good news and I appreciate the input, what you ha e spoken about is what initially pushed me to the 300 then I got a lot of feedback saying this and that and lots of it 2t related. How much fettling are you doing. Time intervals for filters etc. I put etc as I’m not sure of what I don’t know. As this will likely become a retirement obsession I’m assuming I’ll ride multiple times a week
  8. I was wondering how to soften the 300 4t or a 260 montesa. I believe at 200 pounds on a good day I’m too heavy for the beta 200 even if this is the bike best suited to my age and lack of ability.I asked the question after looking at the beta 300ss as a possible option. Really wanting to go 4 stroke but the more I read and look on here my original view as become a little murkier. wife as no problems with me buying one new bike but I feel I’d be pushing it beginning a conversation that includes “so the guys on the trials central forum are saying get an electric for back garden and a 2 stroke for everything else” I made a call to a UK dealer (inch perfect) and the guy I spoke to said the 260 would be an easier ride than a 300 Beta. Not much of a trials scene in Nova Scotia so no real chance of trying any bike prior to ordering and little to no second hand market either
  9. Hi, new rider looking to purchase first trials bike since 1983 and am thinking about a new beta 300 and wondering how many things I can do to soften it even more to enable me to learn without feeling the bike is dragging me along. Narrowed down to Beta 300 or Montesa 260. I will also be purchasing the additional seat so I can use it as a general trail bike. other than a slow throttle and fly wheel are there other things I can do? Initially I’d like it very dumbed down. In an ideal world I’d simply buy a beta 200 but I would like to have the option to ride trails 55 year old with zero bike riding since 2000 and very poor bikes handling skills
  10. @jonnyc21 appreciate the information. I am very much leaning towards the beta now more so after you comments. there available in Canada currently so thats helping with my decision. Thanks again
  11. Hi, I know this is an old post but I am returning to the sport after decades and looking at both of these bikes. On a scale of 1-10 my skill level is 0.0001 so I want easy ride and fairly easy maint (zero would be great!) in Canada so the montesa/Honda is an easier purchase. Many people have said the Beta is easier to ride for an inept. Appreciate any input. There will be no test ride before I have to order. As I haven’t ridden any sort of bikes in 20 years I doubt I’d have the nerve to test ride any new bike in public
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I am equally bad at bike Maintenance as I am a rider so that is good info. Did you get the 260 or 300?
  13. Cheers rr62. Narrowed down to beta 300 and Montesa 260. A lot depends on Canadian dealers and what’s available but hopefully riding in the garden by end of November
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