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  1. Lads you have been bags of information - I simply cannot thank you enough! As mentioned above for the first time ever I have not let my giddy self get carried away and by on a whim! Not the exact words but I'm prone to seeing something and wanting it so therefor I did not go view the bike. Busy day so sorry only just seen all your replies now and they have really helped me out. I was afraid the bike was to expensive. They guy will not take a penny less and he took it in p/x so he is obviously making up a loss elsewhere and admits to knowing nothing about trials. I'm going to do some shopping about tonight but the money is burning a hole in my pocket as normal! I'm in Leeds west yorks if anyone comes up with any good buy suggestions Thanks again guys! Martin
  2. Wow cheers guys - most appreciated. god id better write all this down. im viewing at a road bike dealers who took in part exchange but is adament price is final. hope i have time to fire the bike over and let it warm up etc. surely this is minimum expectation when buying anyway. how do i quickly check no oil is radiator please? im fairly new to bikes so god help me!
  3. Hi all, as per my other post: http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/43437-what-model-and-year-is-this-please/ im buying this tomorrow morning and im new to beta. the price is 895 for the bike and wont budge on price. please can anyone tell me if this is a good price? apparently it says beta 352 on engine - is this a 250cc? this is my main concern. anything else i should look out for? cheers in advance
  4. Thanks for the link to the beta models - most helpful. Yes id agree it's a 97 and the guy just come back to me and said its stamped 352 on the barrel or case - cant remember which. Does this give any clues as to if it's a 250 or not and any idea on average value please guys? Pics in my first post FYI Cheers, Martin
  5. They have also listed it as a 350?
  6. Cool cheers for the input, I guessed about that age but know knotting about beta. I take it they were purple then. I'll give them a call and see what other info I can get incase plastics have been changed. Any idea on its value anyone? Obviously that's a dealer price. Martin
  7. Hi all, new to beta and trials really. I am selling my bike which I never even rode once (fantic k-roo) and I have seen this locally but it's at a dealer: http://s329.photobucket.com/albums/l373/martin82scott/Beta/ It's not on their website and think they have listed it wrong. Also I know age nor distance should be main factor in buying a bike but condition and I suppose price is key. I want something with parts readily available or easie to get than older bikes so to speak. Also any comments on its condition or first impressions including price would be most appreciated and what to look out for when/if I view it (if mine sells!) and I put rest towards. Cheers guys
  8. There is also a small rubber looking washer with a pozzi scew in it next to the plate that covers the flywheel and when undone, water peed out. is this right? i notice its inline with the pipe connected to the head and the cable entry for the stator passes through this area of the case on the corner meaning it probably all needs to come apart?
  9. Been to see bill on this one yesterday and he proved the stator to be faulty and got different readings to me. Anyway, now to try and remove the thing! is it possible without the removal tools etc? i have heard on some cases you can get away with impact wrench. im loosing patience with this bike and might just flog the lot and get something newer. Sorry rant over - bill told me id need a new fan at £70, a new wiring loom cos its a mess and possibly stator depending on its fault. Typical case of buy something and find out whats wrong with it. Its standing me at about £800 with the brand new carb and 2 rolling chasis etc and i have not even ridden it yet. I skipped a beat when he told me the price of the fan let alone a stator!
  10. Hi all, most of my woes are over after biting the bullet and buying a new (definately correct one and jetted etc) and im almost there for the first ride on my bike after owning it six months! everything is sorted now i think barring i now believe the stator flywheel doobri thingi. On the first issue, i get a slip (and hurt shin!) about every 10th kick there abouts when the kick start slips. Advice on this would be most appreciated too. Onto my ignition issue...The bike seems hit and miss as to wether it will start and idle or not. I have disconnected the red and white at the CDI ( i think its called?) and tested with LRO meter and got the following: Red to chasis/green = 98.4 ohms white to chasis/green = 0.01 ohms Red to white 98.4 ohms Is it dead? having put another brand new plug against the engine head (in a mint condition cap and lead) im getting what id say isnt a great spark as the spark doesnt continue repeating throughout the kickstart cycle all else looks well for its age and the bike is well grounded by the looks of things. Fan was disconected and lights off etc during tests. cheers in advance as always! martin
  11. Spoken to bill pye and he tells me that a 28 carb will not run on a 212 engine....pants! that stuffed me so in the van it goes and a 100 mile round trip I think coming up. Trying to get a 26 carb on fleebay but non available at a cheap price. Have to sell my two carbs I reckon. Is there any difference in a phbh 26 bs, cs and ns? I have a cs kicking around and the spec of bike says ns. An ns looks roughly the same with mixture screw on engine side etc. Not riding a bit then now
  12. Cheers grib!! i bet you have just solved my problem... i have been assuming the small screw was an air screw! ill report back but hopefully this will solve my mysery. ill research (ask bill pye) what the original carb should be. I believe its a phbh26 xx model but unsure as to what air and fuel screws that would of had. fingers crossed with the 28 carb tomorrow! edit: original was phbh26 NS
  13. hi grib, thanks again for your input. yes agreed, hard to say over a keyboard! its a phbh28 but i also have a phbh 26 with a knacked jet in so i need to get that out before i can revert to a 26 carb. Ill wind the throttle screw in and give that a go. Yes it has spring and, o-ring and washer and is all brand new so to speak. never been ridden barring around a yard once or twice before i got it. im pretty sure there is no blockage as i had the carb apart three times and had airline on it etc. all jets are new and everything appears to operate as it should so to speak. im putting it down to the carb settings at the minute as at one point it did seem to idle fine for 15 mins and i have not really touched anything. The exhaust is pretty oily and it sounds fairly raspy. I currently have the back box hanging and has been draining of oil etc for the last week. Im pretty sure the rest of the exhaust needs flushing too and i need a new rubber o-ring between centre pipe (all in one front and middle) as this is pretty much non existant and leaks like hell before the backbox. om sure this wouldnt stop the bike idleing? im ordering a new rubber asap though. The air screw is on engine side rather than airbox side and large screw is fuel? it controls float height.
  14. Hi again all. I have not had time to do anything with the bike due to work and weather but hope to do so tonight. Please can anyone shed any light for me on the last post or so that i put up as im totally lost now and need to get out on this bike before the weather continues to make it game over for the year! i eargerly await your most appreciated advice! kind regards, martin
  15. Hi again all, im back with no great news again... Totally stripped and cleaned my new carb for the sake of it again just to see if there is anything that i had missed the first and second time! or if anything had dislodged etc but nothing. New 36 and 40 pilot jets making no real difference 125 main jet all jets are new and clear what i have noticed is i dont seem to have this 1mm of play in the throttle ive read about? how do i do this please if its needed? The bike has new fuel etc and all seems to be operating as it should. It will fire up and with throttle stay alive but no throttle and it dies. I have tried air screw from 1/4 turn to 3 turns and not much joy. It will run with throttle open a little with about 1.5 turns as grib said but with choke only. Bike will not start when warm without choke either. I think it might be leaning towards something else now aswell. The spark plug on spec says champion c6ycc and cross reference this to ngk gives BCP7ES although this plug is massively longer and will not slide in below the radiator cowl. The plug i have is another stubby ngk but is wrong if my cross reference above is right. Obviously the depth matters too but this plug has always worked since i got the bike and isnt fowled or discoloured at all. all other connections etc all look good. totally at a loss now again
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