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Just Bought A Beta Techno. So A Couple Of Questions

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Just bought a beta techno 250 97 model

First problem i noticed it leeks a bit of fuel from the carb and if i leave it stand over night it tends to flood so i have to dry the plug to get it started.

second the rear brake is rubbish.

Thirdly i cant get neutral with the engine running no mater what.

Lastly how long should it take for the fan to kick in.

Apart from that i rather like it. Better bike than the old cota 315 i used to have.

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LOL, I have a 96 and it had the same 2 problems

I was able to find a spare needle from outlaw Dave and make the carb stop dribbling fuel, clean the seat with toothpaste and a Q tip

I have endless hours into the rear brake and finally after replacing the master have pressure and no fluid leaks but I don't know if it stops or not

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flooding in the manner you describe (assuming the leakage is coming out of the overflow pipes) is likely to be float height or needle valve related.

  • Float height is simple to fix. A search on this will get you the correct height setting See this link..http://www.ducatimec...llorto_3_2.html except i believe the correct dimension is 18.5mm.
  • Needle valve issues are normally related to a poor valve seat. This can be seen visualy as marks on the tapered area. see part 9 on this diagram http://www.dellorto....arts/PHBH_l.pdf
  • Worth dismantling the carb, blowing it all through with an air line to ensure there's no dirt hanging around in the inlet pipe.

The rear brake being poor could be a number of things, just a few ideas:-

  • oil contaminated pads / disc-----should be able to see this if you remove the pads
  • air in the brake lines (sponginess)-----Brake pedal doesnt stop solidly (lots of travel and gradual power)
  • very very old brake fluid----- very dark brown colour, pump new fluid through by bleeding continuously.
  • perished brake lines ----- difficult to tell... effectively they bulge instead of transmitting pressure to the pistons
  • seized pistons-----take the pads out and operate the brake, see if the pistons move freely . are they easy to push back into the caliper?. If not...seized
  • master cyl piston seals poor condition---- spongey pedal, takes a few pedal strokes to work

The fan might not kick in for quite some time in this winter weather. Try this:-

  • There may be nothing wrong at all. The radiator hoses will be pretty hot before the fan wants to kick in. Also the motor will likely be pinging / detonating if overheating.
  • Run the bike under load for some time (10-15 mins). Then operate at very low speed such that the radiator isnt cooling the engine. The fan should kick in after 5 mins or so.
  • you can short out the thermostatic switch to see if the fanworks at all
  • if the fan works but it isnt being switched on it could be the thermostatic switch.

lots to think about... do the simple checks first.


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As stated previously, the carb will need the 'mod'. As for the brake, the master cylinders from experience need rebuilding along with the caliper when they get old make sure you use proper brake rubber grease on the seals. The fan might not cut in when its cold, I had a fan go wrong once on one of my beta's but I did also have a couple of thermostats fail both items are easy to test.

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