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Suzu Beamish Rl325

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I also have amongst my stuff,a good Suzuki beamish rl325. are they not used much in twinshock trials? Cant find much/any reference on this forum either....

Any views on them anyone? great,crap,whatever???


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Had one years ago. Great engine. loads of torque and they find grip really well. Just the steering that isn't to everyone's taste as they have a fair bit of trail, similar to some Bultacos. OK until sections start getting a bit tight, then they can feel a bit long but not many sections like that in the twinshocks really. Some get on with it some don't, it can be altered if you know how/someone to do it, depends how serious you are.

I'd say they are only a fraction behind the best twinshocks which are Fantics and sorted Hondas/Majesties and on a par with the other later bikes.

Get it out and have a go.

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