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Adam Raga Training MTC Saar Germany Feb 25th and 26th 2017

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The Wife got me one of the coolest Christmas/Weihnachten gifts ever. A two day riding camp with Adam Raga!!!

I got my bu.. kicked by my instructor Max Faude (125CC 2nd place last year). She even treated me to a new to me 2014 factory edition... 


Thank you MTC Saar Lebach for being great hosts. Thank you Univega for setting this up. My arms are jello now. 


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As it was a Christmas present I really didn't get into the cost. I believe here in the states Frexia may be providing an opportunity between nationals. When I spoke with Adam I mentioned that there would probably be an opportunity for him if he wanted to hold something similar here in the States if he has the time. Less than $200 american i think is the going rate per person but again a gentleman doesn't ask and lady never tells. :lol:

New bike to me over there was also a pleasant surprise even though we have been talking and thinking about it. 








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