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Experience with Italkit (for a TXT 80 cylinder kit)?

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Hello from the Canadian side of the 'pond'.

My son has a 2006 TXT 80 and I'm thinking of "refreshing" the top end. The OEM cylinder is a Morini and is made with iron (and is not Nicosil (sp?) coated). As a result I am considering a complete kit from Italkit (model CK.22.750.G). Anything I do will be an improvement to the (lack of) power output. :)

Does anyone have any experience with Italkit and/or this particular kit? At the moment I'm trying to determine if the kit is available and from whom I could order it. Scooters and their support shops are not very popular here in N.A.

Your help is appreciated.



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Thanks for the link. But I don't see the model of engine I have in my TXT 80. I believe it may be a GG engine with a Morini cylinder. The cylinder looks like the one on the Morini M65-C engine, but the bore is 47mm (with a displacement of 74cc). So close but no cigar.

Other links I've tracked-down imply that the cylinder (or engine (?)) may be a Gilardoni. And I've also seen a reference to Gilera. :)

Thinking about Spain and Italy and Europe made me recall this Canadian joke about what's Heaven and Hell:

Heaven: British policemen, German mechanics, Italian lovers, French cooks, all organized by the Swiss.

Hell: German policemen, French mechanics, Swiss lovers, British cooks, all organized by the Italians. :)

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