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  1. arnoux

    Gas gas 2000 txt

    The part number is R310104, if you search by that part number you will find stockists (they still exist )!
  2. Check you actually had coolant in it, and the fan / thermostat are working. The water pump impellers very rarely fail on Gas Gas. The shafts and seals wear allowing bypass of coolant into the gearbox, but this you can tell super easy by the condition of the oil in the sight glass. if coolant is leaking past the seal the oil will go milky and not stay transparent. That sort of nip up around the exhaust port (the hottest part of the combustion chamber) is a classic case of the fan probably not operational, and the bike was running hot, or it had little or no coolant in the system. Get you cylinder re coated, chuck a new slug in it, but test that thermo switch is working, and when it switches the fan is coming on. If everything is working as it should you can "pin it" up any hill!
  3. https://www.thehellteam.com/technical-support/gas-gas-parts-and-service-manuals.html
  4. This has to be taken into account with the other parts that have changed though. Mainly the Belville spring thickness, and the pre-load plate (with the 10 screws) that clamps down on the said spring. Early bikes had a 1.7mm thick spring, MT280232015. Then in 2006 Gas Gas went to a 1.5mm spring MT2806320015, then in 2015 they went to a 1.2mm thick spring MT22020GG-CGI-1, all affecting the clutch action. There is also different pre-load plates. It is not just the combined stack height that affects clutch action.
  5. Unfortunately I am out now too. I have the piston pucks, but no rubber seals left, sorry.
  6. The 3 different positions adjust the amount of preload on the Bellville spring. You want to be in the greatest pre-load position, so clamping down on the plates firmer. The 2020 has a 1.2mm Bellville. Earlier bikes had 1.5mm and even 1.7mm on the first years of the Pro motor. So clamped harder, and released harder, but at the slight expense of a stiffer lever. The 2020 is very light. Check you combined plate height. You want the 5 plates to be up around 9.98 - 10mm, this gives you the maximum pre-load on the spring. See how you go with that, and if you want it more aggressive get a 1.5mm Bellville to try.
  7. As above, just pull the Airbox, and fuel tank, then remove the radiator to give you a bit more room, and then the top end can be removed quite easily.
  8. Non standard finish on the fork springs, stock ones are not painted. These files may help you with parts numbers. GAS GAS RAGA aluminum 06.pdf Marzochhi forks Parts.pdf
  9. If you search by Part numbers you will find a supplier. Try BIT050620007 this is for a 2006 model or BIT05052007 this is for a 2005 model (just the seventh digit changes to reflect the year it was current for, so try 4, 7 etc etc - whatever year you specifically need to make the stickers match. Also some early years were blue plastics, then they went to red) They are the same plastics just different stickers and will fit all BOY50 from 2002 onwards.
  10. Yes we have been trying to source these for some time. Off Road Action (Jitsie) used to stock them but haven't had anything for well over 18 months now. Probably can't see that supply returning.
  11. Use the same process. Put the crank in the freezer for a bit, and warm the case half in the oven. Then some grease on the inner face of the bearing and O ring, and it will slip straight in. No need to use tape or anything else.
  12. arnoux

    Front light removal

    Kirk there is a plug on the headlight wires, just undo that and you are good to go. You wont need it, but you can download the owner's manual, and the electrical schematic is on page 41.
  13. arnoux

    Gas gas 70

  14. The Gas Gas part number is M01217001, use that to search and you will find them. TIP: Download the parts manual for your bike and use the part numbers to search by, not a description, you will have much better results.
  15. arnoux

    2021 GP models?

    Agree with Nigel, usually a May build for the premium model. Hence Shirty not knowing any details yet. So down here in Australia we would traditionally see the GP (or thr RAGA, or Factory Replica) in July for sale. That has been the case for the last 10 - 12 years but KTM may change that scheduling, who knows. ..........They haven't changed much else :-)
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