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  1. Use the same process. Put the crank in the freezer for a bit, and warm the case half in the oven. Then some grease on the inner face of the bearing and O ring, and it will slip straight in. No need to use tape or anything else.
  2. arnoux

    Front light removal

    Kirk there is a plug on the headlight wires, just undo that and you are good to go. You wont need it, but you can download the owner's manual, and the electrical schematic is on page 41.
  3. arnoux

    Gas gas 70

  4. The Gas Gas part number is M01217001, use that to search and you will find them. TIP: Download the parts manual for your bike and use the part numbers to search by, not a description, you will have much better results.
  5. arnoux

    2021 GP models?

    Agree with Nigel, usually a May build for the premium model. Hence Shirty not knowing any details yet. So down here in Australia we would traditionally see the GP (or thr RAGA, or Factory Replica) in July for sale. That has been the case for the last 10 - 12 years but KTM may change that scheduling, who knows. ..........They haven't changed much else :-)
  6. Gas Gas now make a blank rear guard and a generic sticker kit that covers 2002 - 2010 bikes. As some of the individual year stickers are getting obsolete they designed a set that covers this complete period. They are good sets. This is the part number for the complete kit: BT95000CT-BGI-1 Rear guard sticker only: BT95003CT-BGI-1 And the blank rear guard: BT280220007 Search these part numbers and you will find what you need. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote from website: Gas Gas no longer sell individual sticker, or sticker sets specifically for older bikes pre 2010, but they have designed a generic sticker "set" that work on this range of bikes roughly designed around the mid 2000's graphics. You can purchase the following "RED" sets: BT95002CT-BGI-1: PERIPHERAL RED STICKERS KIT TXT PRO 2002-2010 Contains the following - Forks, Front Mudguard, Headlight, Frame Logo, Frame boot protectors, swingarm (2) BT95001CT-BGI-1: CENTRAL RED STICKERS KIT TXT PRO 2002-2010 Contains the following - Tank, Frame infills, Airbox top, seat, side "boomerangs". BT95003CT-BGI-1: REAR FENDER RED STICKER TXT PRO 2002-2010 Contains the following - Rear Fender BT95000CT-BGI-1: STICKER KIT RED TXT PRO 2002-2010 Full sticker set, contains the 3 above kits combined into one full set. The Full sticker set is also available in a more predominantly "White" set that suits the 2010 bikes BT95000CT-BKX-1 STICKER KIT WHITE TXT PRO 2002-2010
  7. Did you index the quadrant gear into the correct position when you put it on the shaft? Here is a reference. Kickstart assembly installation instructions.pdf
  8. Shafts are not "poor quality" they run at crankshaft speed so both should be replaced at the same time as the seal. RULE: if you replace seal do the shaft at the same time. And do not fill radiator right up to the top. There is no "expansion tanks" in this cooling system so leave 8-10mm air gap in the top header tank to allow for that "expansion" as it warms up and it will be fine. Top it all the way up and that few mls will just either blow out the pressure relief valve, or past that worn shaft in your case (which is easier - but it will go out of one or the other)!
  9. I believe the Gas Gas Part number for the cable is: EM10225TT-CLR-1
  10. There is an OBD connection port with a JST plug from 2018 bikes onwards. Black plug, right hand side, near frame rail middle of tank area. Should have a blanking plug in it. You need the Leonelli cable that goes from the JST plug on the bike to the OBD cable on the reader to make it work though.
  11. Hi Sting32 I think this is the image you may have been referencing. It is a little inaccurate because it doesn't show the shift discs engaged in the correct positions, it just shows the drive sequence. You are correct - gears are always in constant mesh, it is the shift discs that are moving and creating the drive sequence. But from memory the 4 to 5th change all 3 disc are moving and need to relocate into the appropriate gears, hence the 'tougher' shift in the Gasser boxes in some gears and not others. Some changes only one or two discs are moving. It is a great gearbox design, just needs to be understood that you can't be hamfisted with it. Saying that a clunky change is understandable knowing the mechanics of it, but it shouldn't be 'grinding' - that sounds like big bits of metal are being turned into small bits of metal!
  12. Nuh sorry mate Australia. But just to give you a heads up you can get Gasser steels in 1.3mm, 1.4mm, 1.5mm, 1.6mm, 1.75mm and 2mm. You should be able to find a UK supplier if necessary.
  13. I've got 1.75mm ones in stock if that helps.
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