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  1. arnoux

    Gah. New ignition, new problems.. TXT300...

    In relation to chat about main bearings above - There is a gallery in the transmission that basically catches oil "thrown" up by the gears rotating. it feeds this transmission oil into a gallery behind the LHS main bearing and between the seal behind the stator. Centrifugal force from the rotating main bearing forces this oil to lubricate the LHS main bearing and ejects it out through the little hole in the outside of the bearing (that lines up with a hole in the case) and back on top of the transmission sump plug. creating a lubricating system for the LHS Main Bearing. If the main bearing oil seal is shot, or if the hole in the bearing is not aligned with the hole in the case, it allows transmission oil to get into the crank and hence the smoke. If a LHS main bearing it is not set properly in the case, and is "rotating" under revs or load, the evacuation hole may be out of alignment "sometimes" and hence forcing tranny oil past the bearing seal, into the crank, and hence the smoke. This is pretty much why Gas Gas stopped using the magnesium cases. The maggy cases would heat up (and hence expand) much quicker than the steel main bearing, and they could "spin" in there housing if revvved hard in that little window between when the cases swelled as heated, and before the bearing caught up. Also check your flywheel key is not sheared. This can allow random ignition timing as the trigger point moves in relation to the crank angle.
  2. arnoux

    2019 gasgas front suspension adjustment.

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-Hwu08MFTAQjuCGlnU-X-5itAWDVVt6N or page 28 of the User Manual.
  3. arnoux

    Gah. New ignition, new problems.. TXT300...

    Looks and sounds like crankshaft main bearing oil seal (LHS)
  4. second that on the crank seals, if there is il coming from the exhaust.
  5. arnoux

    Best affordable foot pegs

    S3 Hardrock Aluminium.
  6. arnoux

    Gas gas trialz 1991 delta

    Fans "pull" air from the front of the bike through the radiator, they do not "push" hot air from the engine side through the radiator - so surely you can look at the fan and figure that one out!
  7. arnoux

    kevlar clutch

    No actuating pin or jam nut on that lever.
  8. arnoux

    Gas gas 1991 ? Trials 250

    Are you referring to the Aire (air cooled) or the Delta (water-cooled), both are from 91? The Cylinder head O Rings on the 91 Delta are listed in the original parts book as: M01619115 80mm x 2.62mm and M01619110 125mm x 2.62mm The Aire gasket part number is not listed in the original parts book, but it looks like a paper gasket.
  9. arnoux

    06 TXT pro raga coolant and oil mixing - help!

    Did you replace the shaft as well as the seal? Usually have to do both at the same time.
  10. arnoux

    X-Track any expieriences ?

    TRS supply us a kit with all the homologated parts in it. It comes with the new bikes. It has the bigger headlight, speedo, reflectors, mirrors, proper rear light and number plate hanger etc. Most of the images you see are the "racing" or non homologated version because............. it LOOKS WAY BETTER!
  11. arnoux

    AJP 4 pot caliper onto older Gasgas ...?

    It's available, I have plenty in stock. Must be some suppliers closer to you in the UK that have them too.
  12. arnoux

    AJP 4 pot caliper onto older Gasgas ...?

    Hebo 4 pot calliper repair kits are still available, just google the Gas Gas part number for them, which is BT27922201, and you will find the source.
  13. arnoux

    Frame number problem?

    Here is an explanation of the early chassis numbers. CHASSIS#explanation.pdf
  14. arnoux

    Cracked clutch cover on 2014 Racing

    And the sight glass will just press out of the old cover, and transfer into the new one. No need to order that.
  15. arnoux

    Finding Gas Gas parts

    The Gas Gas part number for the exhaust O Rings is C290000 - if you google that part number you will find online suppliers who will ship to you.