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  1. arnoux

    Gearbox oil

    No better off using gear oil! Change out your water pump seal and shaft.
  2. Yes they still have these two parts on the 2020 bikes, and all previous models. It is still the same part numbers. Your dealer may be out of stock, but they are definitely not obsolete or superseded part numbers.
  3. Jam the butt of your hand over the tail pipe opening. No need to take the glove off that takes to long. On modern 2T's the end of the pipe is never that hot, even if you have only a thin glove on. Try it sometime on your bike so you get the feel of what to do, when it is not in full "Chainsaw mode". If you are not wearing gloves, use the sole of your boot. Stops it in a few seconds. Saved quite a few bikes with this method - it's fast, and it stops them pretty quick if you create a good seal.
  4. You can change it to 19 parts no problem, The 2018-19 Racing Bellville spring is 1.2mm, yours id 1.5mm. The part number is: MT22020GG-CGI-1 Make sure you get that one and not a 19 CONTACT Spring, as that is still 1.5mm The clutch friction material is also different on the 19 to your 14, it is a kevlar material. It makes a difference to the "bite', but not the softness of the lever pull. The clutch pre-load plate is different as well. 19 is adjustable and has 3 positions to choose from. Part number MT22030GG-CNW-1
  5. Hi Here is the breakdown 1. From the stator you have one yellow wire that branches into 3 female spade connectors. This is power for the regulator, the rectifier, and the headlight. 2. A brown wire with a eye connector - this is earth to frame (usually connected to the coil mount bolt) 3. Two wires bound together - one brown with eye connector (same earth mount as above to coil), and one red and white with female spade connector - to coil. 4. One short black and white with female bullet coming from the back of the plug - this connects to your kill switch. 5. Two wires about 45mm long (one from the plug, one directly from the stator) - first one red /yellow with female bullet connector, and one brown with male bullet connector. These are the MAP switch. Connect to MAP switch, OR leave unconnected for MAP1, or connect together for MAP2. That’s it! cheers
  6. arnoux

    Fantic 240

    What triple clamps are you using there John?
  7. Huski That is not true Huski. The cylinders are not the same, the cylinder heads are not the same. The base gaskets are not the same, Only some of the pistons and little end bearings are interchangeable. The friction plates in the clutch are the same dimensions, but the steels are not. Very very few parts the same in both motors.
  8. The original actuating was cable when that motor was fitted to the YAMAHA TYZ. (part # 4GG-16380-00) The part was modified at Scorpa to make it work with the Hydraulic slave cylinder. The Cable attachment was removed from the end and a cylinder with a threaded centre was welded on the end. (it then became Scorpa part 3150) As Breagh states they were never that strong and the end often got damaged, cracked or broke off. The original Yamaha part is still available, so I would think the best solution is to re-kit your existing Slave cylinder (it uses the same DOT4 9.5mm piston and seals as lots of other AJP Brake Master Cylinders - it just uses a shorter spring, which you can use from the original cylinder), and weld a new adjuster threaded piece to the end like Scorpa originally did. If you go cable you would need the Yamaha actuating arm anyway, but you would also require the cable and a new lever and perch, so a result that is not as nice as the original.
  9. There is TWO seals. One to seal the coolant from exiting the pump, and the other on the shaft to seal the oil in the case and not contaminate the coolant. Both same size but different part numbers as one is NBR and the other Viton. In the little cavity between the two seals is a small hole that exits just below the water pump. (7 o'clock if you are looking straight at it). This allows coolant or oil to exit if either seal is compromised. As there is no "expansion tank" in the coolant system, I have found if you fill the radiator all the way to the top this can happen. The pressure relief valve on the top of the radiator sometimes gets a bit crusty or blocked a little and won't blow off completely, so the only other way for the system to relieve pressure is blowing past the WP seal and out that little hole. Before changinging seals make sure your coolant level is not right up to the top (I leave about 8 -10 mm gap - about half way up the top tank above the fins) and get that little pressure relief valve out and give it a good clean up. It may be OK.
  10. Yes it can be purchased through your local S3 dealer. S3 supply the complete kit for all TXT's (horizontal and vertical water pipe heads). We have done quite a few of them. Basically it is a 250 piston with a smaller gudgeon pin and matching head and cylinder.
  11. arnoux

    Future of Gasgas

    Can I chip in here from a Gas Gas Importers view point. (Australia) Yes they have had some industrial issues with trying to reduce staff levels. The workers rights are very heavily protected in Spain, and a company cannot just dump employees willy nilly. There is very complex processes in the courts that have to be adhered to if any staff levels are reduced. (not a bad thing for the staff). This seems to be the at the crux of all the rumour mills. I believe Gas Gas are being proactive doing this so they don't end up like a few years ago with a workforce that far outweighs it's current production capability and they end up in debt. They are also in the process of moving everything back to the SALT facility just outside Girona. After the fire at the Salt factory the spare parts department was relocated, and some admin went to Torrot headquarters. They are now centralising everything back to the original premises. There was problems with 19 GP supply, as we had the same issue as the USA. We received far less bikes than our original order, but from talking to the factory they are producing bikes at capacity now. The Gas Gas Factory has one production line, so bikes are produced in "batches". There will be a month of EC enduros produced, then the line will be changed out for a few weeks of CONTACTS, then Kids bikes etc etc. So it is not easy for the Factory to alter future schedules if there has been supply issues. And as we would all be aware, a great majority of the parts that go into producing the finished motorcycle are from third party suppliers (Braktec, NG, Morad, S3 etc etc). If they can't get the parts they can't build the bikes. I have had great parts supply this year, there has been much better processes put in place in the back end for us with new parts ordering software, and better technical support, so I am confident that things are OK with Gas Gas. I know I am at the other side of the world from the Factory, but I see no signs of any mularky that these "rumours" speak of from where I am sitting.
  12. Best method I have found is give it a good rev, and as the revs are falling apply pressure to the lever (either up or down depending on if you are in 1st or 2nd) and it will fall into neutral as the revs are "right".
  13. This is the Gas Gas part number: BT13000CT-CSV-1 If you Google that you will find suppliers.
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