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Monty 4rt submerged bike

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Find it difficult to read the diagnosis and understand what “chase the water” means. 

Anyway, I dropped my 2007 4RT in the water and it wouldn’t start. At the trial I tried draining out the air box etc. Soon as I got it home I took off the throttle body and tank and blew out everything including the electrics. I put in new petrol but it still wouldn’t start, only a very weak spark. 

Eventually I took the ignition case off which had a few drops of water. I was a bit surprised because the oil was crystal clear when I drained. I figured that because I’d not run it the oil might not have mixed with the water so it wasn’t creamy white. 

When I put in new oil it started after a couple of reset kicks.

Surprised me that just a bit of water in the ignition would stop the bike starting, but as @jimmyl said the Montesa is very clever.

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Chasing the water out...only meant..flushing the engine thru wi new oil a few times. N kicking it to get the new oil in waterways wi the hope its pushin water out....when i first dropped both oils it was like white n grey paint..NOW its nearly the correct colour when the new oils in there wi a carmely swirl in it..but i would do proper flushes if i could get it running...or at least to spark...then get it to run to asess the damage o piston / crank etc. Right now as far as i know its with a friend in his garage n hes on it...hopefully..

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I've played submarine with 4ts.

Used mineral oil to flush motor 2x.

Then flush with motor oil 2x.


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