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Hello from the upper peninsula of michigan.Have been riding offroad since 1975 (1st bike was a ty250 and had no idea it was a trials bike)Have raced mx and a lot of enduros and scrambles with some ice racing and flat track in there.I live to ride for real.I took a trip down to Missouri this spring and picked up my 1st modern trials bike,a 2015 GG 300 pro.With a bike like this the only excuse I have for poor performance is me.I have done 2 meets in wota (Wisconsin observed trials association)in intermediate and found my trials skill lack pretty bad.I managed to finish with 2 men behind me in my 2cd trials meet but have a lot to learn.I figure I will never be more than a intermediate rider but will practice to become a better one.Wish I would have discovered trials years ago but it is what it is.I raced my last enduro last weekend (and broke 3 rib,s)in the loose moose enduro national and selling my woods bike(and my daughters kdx) to buy a trials bike for my daughter.She has shown alot of interest in trials and will see if she in joys it.And last is wd40 is not s lubricant lol.

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9 hours ago, dan williams said:

Then I have done good😀 Welcome to the sport. I would imagine you have pretty good terrain in the UP but a fairly short season.

On 9/14/2018 at 2:04 PM, dan williams said:

Spray WD40 on ‘em!

Ass hole,you made me laugh.

Yes season is sort of short but the riding is fantastic.Unfortunately not alot of trials riders up here but seems to be picking up.Upper michigan is open un less posted close so can ride almost anywhere with 36 bucks worth of trail sticker.Plus alot of state land which is cool.Most of the smaller towns allow offroad vehicles on the roads as long as we stay off the highway.I tried a trail ride on my GG but not a good trail bike.Setting a nice course in my yard for practice and trucking it to more extreme offroad riding sections.Unreal the rocks it can climb that are a bitch on my yz.

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Awesome. In New England it’s usually closed without written land owner permission Here in The Peoples Republic of Massachusetts you need an OHRV registration even to ride on your own land. It feels like off road bikes are the enemy of the state.

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