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    Sherpa & Alpina

    I think the Sherpas had heavier flywheels also
  2. The triple clamp (upper clamp) on my 1974 TL125 is broken. Where the bolt tightens, it fractured and separated on the side opposite the bolt. I don't think welding would work. What other makes/models would be compatible with the stock upper clamp/bridge?
  3. Absolutely stunning bike. What parts were hardest/easiest to get? Did you have to make up some of your own parts? My 73 got its chain guard scrunched when I ran over barbed wire and it wrapped around the wheel and sundries. My fork tubes have some rust. Did you rechrome them? What do you recommend for substitute plastic rear fender? My bike did not come with metal fenders - just old cheap preston petty clamshell ones. thanks
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