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  1. Thanks but when you spend £6000 pounds on a supposed too be top of the range machine you don't want to tape it up Gas gas should sort it out. .?
  2. My bike is exactly the same in your picture but when forks compressed the hose moves the clip guiding the hose then contact is made on fork leg. Ps new clip fitted Still the same
  3. I have a 2013 gas gas raga replica and I have noticed the damage that is being caused by the front brake hose rubbing on yoke and right hand fork leg I have spoken to other replica owners all with the same fault I e mailed gas gas uk about this problem they said they have never come across this fault I also checked with gas gas parts the clip holding the hose is correct for model eventually the fork will leak because of hose rubbing coating off fork if you have replica check for same damage if so take some pictures and send them to gas gas along with frame no. These parts are expensive to replace Yours Chris laws.
  4. Thanks for tip on master cylinders. Bike is brand new and not washed before fault stated Understand sherco riders having problems with formula. Systems.
  5. 3 weeks ago i picked up a new gas gas 2012 racing 280 with the new formula brakes fitted after a few hours of riding a noticed the front brake master cylinder started to stick on and i felt it cracking when applied 10 min later the clutch started doing the same . when i inspected the clutch and brake master cylinders the were badly contaminated with fillings we flushed out both systems and replaced the fluids went out again to try bike out same fault started again i contacted gas gas uk who sent me out a new set of master cylinders and pipes i fitted the new parts / went to next club trial and with in a few hours of riding same faults came back has any body got the same problem can u let me no i think the manufactures need to look into this dangerous problem
  6. in this modern day of keeping the world of trials up to date with current affairs , can i ask why we are all ben kept in the dark about honda montesa i find this very poor factoy customer relations both honda and montesa word on the grape vine is that honda will not supply the montesa with engines in fact we are being told that the factory is closed no more montesa are avaliable for sale in this country tmx news must no some thing we are all been shown the new bling 2010 models by gasgas sherco beta etc not a bean about montesa and as to our main inporter of bikes and parts were do we go ? i my self have have spent 1000s pounds on bikes parts clothes etc with montesa and dont no were we stand for the coming season come on will some one let the trials world no whots going on ie honda/ montesa
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