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  1. Hi Ishy!! I think 57o If you are closer than me, you have a Pint (in Fort William next -may)
  2. I don't know if Alberto Cabestany will come back, but there is another Alberto ... actual Champion of the " Enjoying Award" SSDT2010 , that will come back (if the ballot chooses him).
  3. Javier Cucurella is "Bultaquero" 100% as you Big John. Javier told me that would like to race again in Scotland if a Pre 80 race is organized . Javier has is latest blue Bultaco in the garage waiting Pre 80 Scotish race! . He said to me that would like to meet again in this Trial his fellows Gordon Farley, Sepherd, Thorpe, Rod Edwards, Benny Shellman, Malcom Rathmell, Martin Lampking ...
  4. Good New, a good friend is coming to visit us the last day of the Trial. He will be watching us in some sections on Saturday , he is "The Gentleman of Trials " : Javier Cucurella . Any of you knows him? He is one of the Spanish pioneer in SSDT by 1974, and did really well ending the 12th in 1975.
  5. Ishy, I m not the friend of Cabby. It will be a pleasure to meet Cabby's "fiftynager" friend in SSDT2010. Which is right is that my dream was to come to the SSDT2010 for my 50th anniversary, and here we are . Scotland has been a dream since i first saw a SOLOMOTO (Spanish magazine) with amazing pictures of SSDT74, listening "Selling England by the Pound" of Genesis, in a dark living room in Barcelona , since then , i have followed the race with magazines and web.
  6. Now we have to wait for another ballot , Ryanair flights from Barcelona to Glasgow next 1st May, probably cancelled because the ash cloud... Do you think we have to start thinking seriously to come with our car instead with the airplane?
  7. In the sections , if you ride a GG280 Pro with 11/41 , what percentage of 1st ,2qnd or 3erd gear do you use?
  8. Hi Baldilocks and Slaphot3 , I'm number 24 , and Carlos is right there number 21 , I will try to follow him. See you in Fort William
  9. With the new GG280Pro, grips problems have been completely solved. We have just opened a new legal Trial Area in Camprodon (East of Pyrenees) with beautiful streams full of non stop sections (you are invited) , and we spent hours training every week end. My only problem today is an overload on the tendon of the foot, due to footing training (never did before) . Doctor recommended me to stop footing and start mountain bike to get physical shape .Hope in SSDT this problem does not . Hope to see all you in only 20 days!
  10. Many thanks for the CD Bigfoot, we watched it with all the family. The video and ambient music superb, i recommend to see it on TV 45" , quality is really good, congratulations! You captured the moors and sections incredible, is the best trial video i have seen , by far . After watching it my wife is a little worried , he things i am not physically prepared. You can feel how hard are SSDT . Hope you do the video again in 2010. Buenas noches
  11. You convinced me, next saturday will pick up a new GG Pro , finally got 280 cc as you, . Is curious the GGPro has 11/41 instead of 42. Could be a perfect combination. I will go to test the new GG in the "area of Ripoll", this is a legal area 100 km from Barcelona close to the pyrenees , in this area you can find all kind of sections, there is a Group of Sections named locally "Scottish sections", a beautiful stream perfect when training for SSDT! . I have six sections that i like to pass as if a where in a Trial, and very few times get all clean in all six /same lap . Will inform you the result with the new bike.
  12. This week end entered in a Grip Crisis . Is Grip a priority when thinking in SSDT? Trained all week end on wet conditions and my Raga 2009 - 300 cc - Keilin carb ( i thought was 280,... but not) which is wonderful in dry stones, has no grip in humid stones and mud. After 20 months riding with this bike may be the shock absorver is working bad, or the carburator is out of control , i don't know but , no Grip at all in my typical sections than use to clean easily with a Sherco 06. (10/42) I am thinking to change the bike for SSDT , Grip is important in SSDT . My level as a rider should be around the number 100 in SSDT . Do you think i have to follow with GAS GAS? Do you recommend any special set up to improve Grip in a new Gas Gas? much better 250 cc Pro than 280 Raga for SSDT ? What about the new Sherco , is people happy with the Grip? Montesa ins nice with Grip but in dry conditions in Spain and big steps & stones is not so nice.
  13. Can we download SSDT DVD? (contributing ) I am in Barcelona so if we can download it is perfect.
  14. Thanks B4ORT , After repairing a Tubeless tyre with these repair strips , What is the best system to inflate the tyre if the tyre is out of the rim? It happened to me last Saturday , I was alone training in a stream late evening , the tyre went out of the rim , and had to go down the stream one hour pushing over the rocks (the rim did't touch the tyre so no traction) another hour pushing on the path. I reached home dark night (good training ) , i wonder if this situation happens to us in SSDT we have the risk to be in the middle of the highlands dark night, and raining...
  15. I am really worried with the tubeless tires in case of a puncture or something worst , in Spanish "destalonar" (when the tire is not in contact with the rim). How do you solution this problem? It is a pity see you out of SSDT in case of such a probable situation...
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