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  1. Hello, have anybody used these kind of tachometers on Montesa 4RT engine ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6-RZCjBvxc I bought the same one but this has three settings: Mode 1: spark plug fires twice per rev Mode 2: once per rev Mode 3: every other rev Which one should go for Montesa 4RT ? Thanks!
  2. Hello, Does anyone know what the bottom screw is for on the Showa rear absorber ? Its located beside the nitrogen valve. Is it for adjustment or service ? Also, what is the model name or type of this absorber and is there softer spring available for light weight rider ? Standard should be K8.0 and 70kg to 80kg ? Thanks
  3. Thank you for the correction ! - it was just a theory But what caused the vent to flood ? Do you have ideas ? I cleaned my carb regularly and checked my float plate on every cleaning process When the piston got 1mm of dust, my mikuni flooded. Now when the piston is cleaned, everything runs perfect. Could it be possible that, when the piston had 1mm of dust the vacuum wasn't so effective anymore and this messed up the carburation in some way ? In short - could the vacuum loss make the mikuni to flood ? Yes, i returned from ride about few hours ago and bike runs like new ! I have two opened vents, with no pipe connection on them. I checked for any fuel leaks around carb, but everything seems dry. Looking forward to start increasing the pilot jet in the future - step by step. Thanks !
  4. Hello all Rev3 guys out there ! My recent experiences and studies.... About last two or three months i have been struggling with my Rev3 (year 2001) engine and carburation. My first problem was with the left side vent of the Mikuni - fuel came out of the vent when the carb's tank was full.... I read all the MIkuni "tuning" articles, even the hose build to connect two vents. I made actually a bit funny mistake and closed the flooding vent. Seemed that the engine ran fine, but about few months... It started to make a bit laboring sound. Like, it didnt got the perfect mixture. I played a bit with the AIR screw, finally the engine needed it fully closed to run "normal". - it was of course abnormal ! I realised it got to be something more, so i opened the cylinder's head to clean the piston's head. Of course , it was dirty and horrible inside, so i got it very clean. Now, few days ago i got the engine running, but again....the mysterious laboring sound .... I realised that its something with the carb, because this bike's engine ran very smootly when i bought it. Actually it was rebuilt by recent owner. I opened the "flooding" vent of my carb, so two float vents are now opened. Also, i checked the float plate, to get it parallel to the carb's "plane". The left vent doesnt flood anymore ! NOW it runs perfectly, almost like new ! So, my thoughts about all of this ... Actually, when the flooding vent was closed, the left side float didnt got the atmospheric pressure, so basically it was "stuck". It caused abnormal working of the engine - laboring sound..... So why the vent started to flood ? In my theory.... Remeber, I had my piston's head very dirty and usually it makes the engine's pressure to go very high. So, i assume that some amount of pressure "ran backward" to carburation system. This caused carburation pressure to exceed atmospheric pressure in the float tank. Basically the atmospheric pressure didnt manage to push the fuel to jets in the float tank of the carb ! The result was that one of the float vent started to flood - fuel in float tank ran backward and out of the left vent Summary Now, when ....... my piston head is clean and new head gasket is installed, my carb is checked and cleaned, my carb's plates are parallel to over all "plane" of the carb and my carb' two "atmospheric" vents are fully opened without hose tuning.......... The engine runs like new and my Mikuni does not flood anymore ! Model: Rev 3 Engine: 270 cc Year: 2001 Pilot jet: 27,5 Main jet: 145 Sorry about my english and i hope this helps ! Cheers from Estonia !
  5. Im thinking that the bolt was too loose... but the caliper and disc are straight and fine, pads too ! So know i have reduced the brake disc's play. i mean the play between bashings and disc. Reduced the floating motion.... hope this will make stuff better But thanks for thoughts !
  6. Dont know, it should load. It works for me
  7. Hey you all !! So my rear brake bracket broke second time on my Rev3 ! It happened when i was riding with my bike, i didint fall or crashed or something like that... . I noticed that when i returned to my garage ! Same as the previous time... Here is the pic: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34787928/IMG048small.jpg Does anyone have had the same problem with the bracket ? Any ideas what could be the reason for that ? rear bearings ??? floating brake discs,?? rev3 sould have floating discs on both... rear and front.. All ideas are welcomed ! Cheers
  8. It turned out that the thermostat turns fan ON @ 70 degrees celsius and turns it OFF @ 60 degrees celsius. But my engine temp is sometimes about 85-89 degrees and the fan is OFF. So, it will need some further checking and maintaince
  9. Hey guys, i have a question about the thermostat of 270cc Rev-3 '01 - could you tell me the temperature, when the thermostat starts/shuts off the fan ? Cheers, Kristjan K.
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