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  1. Hey All- I just changed my oil filter, and do not remember the torque spec for the engine left side cover bolts. Anybody have handy access to the manual? Thanks!
  2. Any tips on ways to fix a cracked 4RT rear fender?
  3. Hey- I know what the manual says, but what are the "regular rider" maintenance intervals for the 4rt? Cheers, Matthew
  4. Thanks. Paging Munch, then... I'm particularly interested in how the 4rt responds to overheating. I had my lower rad hose pop off during a ride the other day (spilling all of the coolant). I only noticed it when the bike wouldn't re-start after I shut it down (presumably in safe mode), and am wondering if it would have shut itself down if it got too hot as well.
  5. Hi- I have heard reference to the 4rt going into safe mode. Could someone explain to me what this means, and when it happens? Thanks, Matthew
  6. Thanks. What is the airbox lid replaced with? Is there an aftermarket part?
  7. Hey- I've been told that there is a restricitor plate in the intake on 4rts when new to make them pass some sound requirement, and that this plate needs to be removed for the bike to function above half throttle. Can anybody verify this?
  8. Are you suggesting just removing the front because as I newish rider I don't need the power, or is there another reason? Oh, and I ride primarily in first and second gear.
  9. Thanks. That seems to be the consensus. Has anybody ever dyno'd the bike or tested with a decibel meter to get some hard numbers on the changes? Thanks!
  10. How much of a difference does it make in performance, and how much louder is it with the front two removed?
  11. Thanks for the message. I dumped the fuel out of the tank to replace it with fresh when I got the bike. The old gas had lost almost all gas smell which is making me think that the issue may be related to the old gas, but I could be wrong. The bike only has 15 hours on it. Thanks, Matthew
  12. Hi- I just purchased an 08 4rt. The previous owner is deceased, and I am trying to sort a couple of issues out and could use some input: The bike has been sitting for a while with gas in it, and the injector/fuel system seem to be clogged. I have added some injector cleaner to fresh fuel and run through a tank, but am still experiencing intermittent hard starts and bogging at higher RPMs. The bike runs smoothly at lower RPMs, but lacks power. Air filter has been cleaned and the plug is new. Does this seem like a clogged injector? Any suggestions on ways to clean the fuel system? Any suggestions on what else to check? The previous owner had dialed the idle speed back to 780 RPM per his maintenance log. The manual specs 1800 RPM +/- 100. Any idea why someone would dial it back this far? Any harm in returning it to spec? Did the bike originally come with a tool kit of any kind? What was in it/what did it look like? If it exists, I can likely get it from the widow, but I don't want to go rooting blindly through her garage. Thanks for the help! Matthew
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