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  1. lee22

    Under powered rev3

    Thanks no havent cleaned the front part. I`ll take it off tonight and have a check.
  2. lee22

    Under powered rev3

    Thanks for all the replys. I've done most of the obvious things like repacked the exhaust and cleaned the filter. Don't think it anything like reeds or gaskets cause the bike goes ok just seems to be down on power. Ask the previous owner to see if he had done anything but hadn't. Think I might take the barrel off at the weekend and have a look at the cylinder and piston. What's the best way to do this apart from takin the whole engine out? Thanks again for the help.
  3. lee22

    Under powered rev3

    Hi folks, I bought a 06 270 rev3 a year ago. Love the bike. I've rode two other beta's of a similar age and mine seems to be a good bit under powered. I want to freshen the engine up and want to know what I'd be best to do. Am thinking of putting a new set of rings on the piston or maybe a complete new piston and rings. Any advice on what would be the best would be great. Lee
  4. Hi Jon, thanks for help. Ive ordered a new impeller and seal today and i will check the w/p shaft tonight. When i first saw the bike it looked in really good condtion but it probably hasnt been serviced in years. God knows what the rest of the engine is like. If i can sort the water problem out i`ll start taking off the barrel and hopefully theres no suprises. Also noticed that the fan never came on when it had been running for a while so i`ll check it to. The joys of buying a old bike. Am just getting into trails and didnt want to spend to much on a bike. Lesson learnt. Thanks again for your help, i`ll let you know how it goes.
  5. Hi guys. Am having a bit of a nightmare. Ive just got into trails and i bought a 2002 gas gas 250 pro privately last week. On bringing it home i realised there was a few problems with the bike. I noticed on the oil level bubble glass that the oil was light brown in colour. I took the casing off to see it was cracked at the water pump. I got a new casing and thought my problem was sorted, but started the bike up and took the bike a spin round the house, to start off the thermostat blew off and there is still water getting into the engine. Ive took the water pump apart to find the impeller has stripped the threads of the shaft. Going to order a new impeller and water pump seal to see if that stops the water getting into the engine. If anyone could give me any help or advive i would be greatfull. Thanks Lee
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