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  1. Might get this right eventually, regarding the earlier mention of Arthur BROWNING, yes he is still very active in the bike world, He reguarly competes at pre 65 trials, with the AMCA BMCA club amongst others, i have also had the pleasure to watch him at the Red Marley Hill climb which is held over easter in Worcstershire. Both time s i have seen him ride he was on an old JAWA , 500 i think.
  2. ferret1964

    ossa 250 mar

    Thanks for all the replys, ive fitted new fork springs today, obtained from inmotion bultaco, when i compared them to the old springs, the old ones were 3" shorter so dont know if previous owners had inserted shorter softer springs, I have also fitted the 6" rise renthals and a small 1" bar riser, have to say the bike has been transformed, ime far more upright on the bike and the front end of the bike is now sitting up properly and not sagging as it did before. Just got to get the wide foot pegs i have purchased fitted now (2" back and in line with the bottom of the bashplate), cant wait for the next trial now to see the real difference. Thanks again Ferret
  3. ferret1964

    ossa 250 mar

    Cheers WOODY, just spoke with Colin, hopefuly going across on Monday to have a chat and see.
  4. ferret1964

    ossa 250 mar

    Thanks for the advice Woody, i will have to look into the footpeg conversion, do you know anybody locally that can carry that type of work out, Ime not far from Wolverhampton/Birmingham areas. thanks Stuart
  5. ferret1964

    ossa 250 mar

    ime not that new johnny ___k off
  6. ferret1964

    ossa 250 mar

    Hi fairly new to this forum, i have just started trialing a 1974 Ossa 250 mar, and i have a few mods i would like to do so any advice regarding these mods would be much appreciated. Firstly, front suspension seems very soft,and and appear to creak a bit when riding, forks are mainly compressed when riding and dont seem to have much travel, i have put heavier weight oil in but it doesnt seem to have made much difference! i am 6'3" tall and a bit on the heavy side, at present the bars seem a bit low(renthal 3"rise) which puts all my weight over the front end, i have ordered some 6" rise renthals so this might help and then will posibly add some bar risers to get me more upright, but any suggestions which may help would be gratefully appreciated. Secondly kick start feels awkward, being on the left it appears to be too long, has anyone replaced the long kickstart with a shorter one, if so from what? , or has anyone cut and welded the origional to make it a little shorter (would it be strong enough, cut and welded or will it be too weak} thanks in advance for any help and suggestions stuart
  7. Theres a chap who rides the BMCA trials, Steve Jones who has a company called progressive classics, he does frame/hub and swingarm mods for bantam trials and he is good. Jim Pickering also rides with BMCA and he builds Bantam trials. also very good.
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