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  1. In the end it was the stator after all. I'm far from certain that the reconditioned one I fitted was in fact a repaired one? Peter
  2. I will do, the bike is currently with Triple D in Kendal and when they get a moment they will take a look at it. I'd go for the CDI unit myself, the coil resistances checked out okay. Peter
  3. Fitted the reconditioned stator - still no spark. I suspect it's the coil or CDI unit, bike with dealer who will have a look. Peter
  4. I did a multimeter test of the stator today and the readings to earth from brown and black were low, with both orientations of the probes on the diode setting. I've ordered a replacement stator We'll see. Peter
  5. Steve at MotoPlat doubts the shorting of the coil and auxiliary supply would lead to a ignition problem. I'm too busy to get some time with the bike until next week but I'll do the checks he suggested and if it seems okay I'll get onto Splatshop. I don't want to jump to conclusions but when I saw the bare wire under the frame I probably did. Peter
  6. That would make sense thanks and helps explain a lot about a system I don't fully understand. It does go up to the fan control location tucked up under the headstock. I suspect that effectively shorting this supply has damaged the stator (at least). I've checked the security of the earth on both the coil and the CDI unit already as well as disconnecting the kill switch and it sadly didn't help. Friends yes Friends who really understand such stuff sadly no. Way ahead, other than properly sorting the wiring is probably to check/remove the stator and see if I can get it repaired. Many thanks, Peter
  7. I fitted a racing harness to my 2010 Sherco 2.9. I'll put my hand up and admit I could have done better with the wiring, a lack of decent crimping tools and a hot air gun meant some connections were soldered and wrapped in insulating tape I was riding today when the motor stopped. Fuel was fine and there was no spark at the plug. I tried a new plug but the bike is completely dead. My 1st thought was to check the wiring harness and I discovered that the tape on the yellow wire that goes up from the stator to the headstock was worn bare and this wire was presumably shorting on the frame. Even with this sorted the bike still has no spark Anything I can check? What should be the output to earth on the yellow wire from the crankcase? I wish I had a wiring diagram and I also wish I understood these type of ignition and electrics. Peter
  8. Many thanks to you Sir and the others who have helped. It's been a learning curve and great fun too. Peter
  9. Well, in the form of an update, the Sherco has been well fettled. I've: Removed the wiring harness and fitted a 'racing' loom and kill switch Repaired a front puncture Fitted a V-Mar protector Fitted a number board Lubed the rear linkage trimmed the fuel tank breather fitted 2nd hand frame and tank protectors fitted a slow throttle tube and Domino grips (blue/white) fitted an inline fuel filter changed idle jet from 30 to 33, fitted a 250 float jet and adjusted the float tangs to parallel I bought a 44t rear sprocket but the chain isn't long enough to accommodate it. Can anyone help me with a recommended starting point for the mixture screw. I'm struggling to get it to a noticeable 'hunt' position to turn it back a little. The bike is running well and is now much stronger and less likely to stall from low revs. Now to learn to ride it a lot better
  10. Hmm.... Just stripped my PHBL 26BS to clean it for the 1st time and see what pilot jet is fitted - 30. I've ordered a 33 and I'm pondering about this here float height. It's running fine at the moment, except for some stalling issues, so if I can't find where on the tang to take the measurement I'll give in. I'm running a 122 main by the way. The tang itself is nowhere near parallel. Aha, found this - very useful https://www.splatshop.co.uk/2010-2011-sherco-preparation Peter
  11. I'm pretty sure it has one as stock. I suppose that these items are bought in and the customer is the one to find out if they don't work Peter
  12. One of the very experienced guys running the session on Saturday had a go on the bike and asked what I had done to make it so soft off the bottom. He even said it was softer than the Yamaha 250. I suspect it's the large pilot jet. There's plenty of go once I get to the main jet The transition is prone to stalling in my very limited experience. I think I'm running 80:1 (perhaps a 'little' heavy handed with the oil while the bike is new) Peter
  13. I've done the linkage bearings already but the stator tip is a good one thanks, I'll keep an eye on it and put some silicon around the grommet. I've got gearbox oil to change out after this weekend.
  14. Fitted the racing wiring harness and kill switch today . I had a bit of a panic and thought I was lost but after I'd calmed down a bit I got it done. Needed to make a slight modification as the 2009 harness doesn't quite fit the 2010. Really pleased with the result - got rid of a lot of extraneous wire and switchgear. I also learnt a lot about the bike.
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