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  1. Someone on ebay seems to be selling Ryan Youngs old bike??? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...s%3DI%26otn%3D2 Doubt its his mind not in the uk.....
  2. Well thanks guys really positive info there. We will be there on Saturday (if we can find Ellers Farm??). Watch out for the three guys who dab all the way round!
  3. Me and two of my mates are intending entring this seires starting at Fryup on the 25th of April. Question is for my two mates this will be their first trial and I am wondering how hard it is? They are complete novices they can bearly do wheelies! I am no expert either so I am not sure what class to enter. I guess they should also join the ACU before the trial? Or on the day?
  4. Thanks for all the info guys. I will play with the timing and see if things improve. Although its not too bad now...
  5. Ok....an update. The bike after much fiddling with the air screw is now running fine! The carb was clean and appeared to be set correctly. So I reset the air screw (its a Keihin) and did a plug chop at the top of a steep climb and the plug was a nice light brown colour. Now The bike is running fine but i think that it may have been a little too light brown so i might adjust the carb to let less air in to richen the mixture. There was no oily deposits.... how white is lean on the plug? Thanks all!
  6. Hi thanks for all the advice so far. I'm no where near full tilt and it only seems to happen if I have messed up my gears and gone up a steep hill in 2nd rather than 3rd..... I am runnning 99 Octane fuel which is sold at my local gas pump. I checked the plug from cold the other day but appreciate I would need to do a chop to get a true reading. Looking at the plug I thought it may have been running rich. I will try and give it a tune up at the weekend and reset the air screw. If I then give it a plug chop and I should be able to see what I am running like. The bike has been running strangely (jumpy with little throttle) and I though it was down to the absence of an atmospheric tube hanging off the carb. I have now put another bit back on. Thanks all, I will post an update after I have had a go with it. P.s I just thought the previous owner did retard the timing a little to calm it down.
  7. On full throttle up a large climb my bike has started to rattle a bit. It only seems to happen when im in second and giving the bike some. I fear this may be expensive in the future. Any ideas what this may be? and any ideas to postpone my fate? Thanks
  8. This is also a very good link for tuning pwk carbs - in fact is quite sound procedure for tuning any carb. http://scootrs.com/tech.cfm?tip=tunecarb Ps ignore the fact that its a scooter site
  9. Thanks Dabster. I found this on the site which may be of use for some http://www.shercousa.com/?action=10 However, could not find an image of where this 18.5 is measured from???????
  10. Thanks thats a good place to start. Where is the 18.5 measured from?
  11. Hi a mate of mine has a Sherco 02 290 with a Dellorto PHBL 26 carb attached - I assume this is standard. The bike stalls quite often and I think its out of tune. So does anyone have any links to the standard settings e.g what tang heights/needle notches should be? Any help setting up this carb would be appreciated.
  12. Has anyone used the Maxima Coolanol stuff that is recommended by RYP? I have used basic car antifreeze in the past and it has seemed to be fine. I am not sure if this might affect the seals though...... Having recently found milky oil im wondering if this was the cause?
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