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    Fantic Kroo - Any Still Out There?

    Hi Russell, Got myself a 1991/2 212cc K-roo around a yr ago,This was Fantics 1st water cooled bike as you probably know I'm sure they tuned the engine to the maximum cos it's very powerful and responsive,Love the bike and it always entertains in any style you can ride it, stuff I've replaced in that year,Mostly because it needed it when it bought it, not cheap keeping an old bike,or a new bike but stuff crops up on a old bike that might keep you off trials for a week, with a new bike you kinda know you can get it. Rear wheel bearings,Ignition coil,radiator cap fork oil seals,chain tensioner and chain and a 9t front sprocket while I learn, clutch lever my fault.If I was buying another I'd get a 249cc simply because the power isn't so savage, more torque less trying to hang on when your in the power. Chris.
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    Useful site

    http://www.motorsyklisten.no/trialgallery/fantic.htm Here's a site that i've been looking at although it's norwegian language there is some good info and parts manuals etc. Madinuk43
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    1994 Fantic K Roo

    Hi Halhark, I've got a similar problem with my K-roo 91, the blue one. mine has been botched in a previous life and has a fan sensor on a pipe from the bottom of the radiator to the engine this doesn't work either. I've got my fan on all the time by making the circuit from the stat sensor straight to the fan,that would test your fan aswell,mine fan moves when you push it over by hand, easier with the plug out.next things i'm going to look at the oil for the creamy oil getting to know it like yourself, flipped mine at weekend popped the mudguard back the right way and got away with it. got to sort this water problem to enjoy it though, feels like i'm nursing it all the time. loads of power so you think the head gasket is ok, water cooled is different the piston is pressurizing your water and forcing it out when the head gasket is gone this will happen even if you run the bike with the cap off and you'll see bubbles like a kettle boiling, another thread mentions replacing one of the radiator hoses to stop it constricting the hose when under load uphills hope you get it sorted.