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  1. The problem for me is, once a Q always a Q so I can't change the reg. I just want to be able to insure it TPFT.
  2. I've got a trials bike that someone has Q plated.....being too lazy / tight to get a dating letter from a manufacturer before registering with the DVLA. I've tried to add it my my Carole Nash multi bike policy but they won't insure it for theft....only TP use. Has anyone got a Q plate bike that can recommend an insurer for TPFT so I don't have to spend my entire life in a telephonic abyss ringing round insurers. Thanks
  3. fok


    Well, there's a bid..... Just how special / rare is that, to be worth 6K to someone?
  4. I did a bit of trials in the 80's on 70's twinshocks as they were all I could afford at the time and I've not ridden trials since but have done plenty of green laning and the odd enduro. I realise that a very modern bike would probably be the best bet for ease of use but I have no desire to own one.......I just like aircooled traditional looking bikes so will stick with twinshock or aircooled mono class. Would I notice much of a difference between riding an aircooled mono and a 70's/80's twinshock if both bikes were well maintained and sorted? Will I make it easier on myself with a 90's mono bike or is the overall technology between the 80's & 90's bikes not that much different? I want to do a few club trials to get back into it and have no desire for silverware. I have a garage queen Beamish, so will be buying another bike to get dirty. Opinions welcomed.......... Thanks
  5. fok

    Dating a climber / Parts

    I don't know yet until I get my hands on it, but it's stood for at least 8 years so I anticipate a few bit and pieces. I know that Aprilia have a reputation for being poor with road bike parts availability so I'm guessing that this will be a mission to get bits for other than Rotax engine parts.
  6. fok

    Dating a climber / Parts

    Thanks for that........any idea on where to start regarding a parts supplier please?
  7. fok

    Dating a climber / Parts

    Not my bike but it's this colour scheme: Thanks
  8. I've been offered what will end up a very cheap Aprilia Climber in a deal but the owner is unsure of model year..........It's either late 80's or early 90's I think. I assume that I will need to get the frame number to date it accurately rather than just go by the colour scheme? If done by frame number can someone please point me in the direction of where / how to get it dated. My experience of Aprilia road bike dealers & spares availability has been pretty poor, so advice on who to contact if I need parts would also be gratefully received. Thanks
  9. Please do..........That would be great.
  10. fok


    That's lovely.....You can put me at the front of the queue if you did sell!
  11. I read somewhere that someone produced some larger serrated footpegs for the RL250/325 Beamish......Does anyone know where I can find some please? The O/E ones are small and very slippery, as my bruised leg will testify
  12. Thanks for the replies........particularly the war and peace response from Woody, very interesting. I used to have a Fantic 240 and would like another but spares availablity makes me wary.......
  13. This is my first post so hello and apologies if this is a much repeated question. I've done some searching on the forum but thought I'd ask directly: I would like opinions please as to what would be the best 70's twinshock bike to run from a spares availability point of view. I'm guessing it'd be TY 175 / 250 but I'd consider Italian or Spanish too if I can get bits. For peace of mind I would like to know that I can get most engine parts and if not able to get O/E, at least find a cross reference for bearings and other cycle parts. I owned a few twinshocks in the 80's and having just come back to trials I can't resist the look / nostalgia of the twinshock era bikes. I have a very tidy Beamish 250 but am not sure that this is an ideal regular clubman's bike as far as parts are concerned.....I'm happy to keep that as a polished toy and buy another bike for regular use. Advice gratefully received. Cheers
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