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  1. Thanks for the responses.
  2. awesome, thanks. Any gasgas quirks i need to know about other than adding heat to remove it? do i need to put the comp adjuster all the way in/out?
  3. when you removed the bottom mount does the shock loose all its oil/gas? My 2003 is in the same state, but seeing that there is a lot of work invloved in making the shock servicable I didn't want to risk it
  4. wow and i was thinking that my next response would be to explain that Swaziland is not dyslexified Switzerland!! You have obviously been here or have a fascination for obscure foreign currencies!? Still using the Lilangeni, but the bike is coming from JHB so will be paying with Rands. This is the bike if you have any advice or comments: http://www.e-dirt.co.za/site/forum_posts.asp?TID=37493&title=2004-montesa-cota-315r-trials-bike
  5. Hi I am new to this forum and sport, I have been drooling over trials bikes for many years and after 10+ years on an enduro bike i am about to embark into the skilled world of trials. got the green light today from my wife and i have my eye on a nice 2004 montesa 315. Hope this move turns out to be all i expect, having never even ridden a trials bike. I live in Swaziland and have all the right terrain on my doorstep to take advantage of, not to mention i have two small boys who i would rather see started on an Oset than a peewee! ... need to get a head start since the older one is 3 and i will need the skill to match his energy
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