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  1. Sorry didnt even know of supporter option, as you see i have now joined too.
  2. Hi just saw your post and am wondering if tickets for friday are still available, i am going for the whole weekend but didnt buy friday tickets. I will be going with my friend and his two children so i would love to take you up on your offer. Many thanks skeneo290.
  3. Had my 2007 290 and used for 2 1/2 years now with very little trouble loads of power and great fun to ride. I would recomend trying to stretch to a 2007 model if you can - wavey brake disc models.
  4. No its on the A1124 post code CO6 2PS.
  5. Yes its very close to golf course. If coming from colchester on A12 turn off at junction 31 and follow B1070 through Holton next village is Raydon keep going through village and Wades lane is on left at top of hill. Look out for small orange flags to trial.
  6. Ipswich Mcc running event and free to spectate. Trial starts at 10.30 til about 1.30 ish. Wades lane raydon on the hadleigh road.
  7. Hi just a note to say if you can stretch to £1,500 price range you will find there are some fairly decent bikes out there. I bought my 2007 290 sherco for that sort of money, i have used it nearly every weekend for past two years and have found it more capable for a novice like myself. I ride for Ipswich club so am also close for you , is it the trial on the 29th at raydon you are thinking of coming to? If so its a good venue for watching might see you there.
  8. Ok thanks for that Peter i will email him straight away.
  9. Is there anyone out there who might know if it is posible to fit a bigger footrest to the original mountings on a RL 325 Beamish. I have heard that you can fit a kit that requires welding on to the frame but dont want to go down that route yet. It is a 1979/80 model year any ideas welcome.
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