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  1. Hello, has any one had experience in getting rear shock rebuilt ? Mine has just started to weep slightly, getting a wee bit bouncy. Thanks.
  2. hi, got a reco 125 tl but there is, light oil seep from gasket what is the head re-tightening sequence and torque ? Cheers.
  3. Any thoughts on this, no airlock, motor not over heating,it did sit for about a month, when starting yesterday, noticed fan came on straightaway. i thought if the thermostats crook it usually stopped the fan working, is this a foible of gasser? Thanks in advance.
  4. ALL soerted thanks for help and advice. wouldnt you know it. the torx drive cap stripped ! So that made it very interesting removing seal etc. Also did the oring in head, noticed a bit of reaction on the alloy, whats the best coolant ? Cheers.
  5. thanks once the water pump is removed how do you remove seal and shaft ? have taken circlip off.
  6. thank you, i have the replacement kit for the current pump and the o rings, any secrets or advice for the waterpump refit and O'rings on head ? get motor warm first before draining gearbox ? Flush gearbox with ? to remove moisture residue ?
  7. Jim thank you. advice invaluable. my pump housing looks different from the posted one, tried to post pic gave up after about 30 mins. Mine has the (gold Screw ) torx on the out side casing, so best to replace whole thing ? the MT5000CT number is just for impellor ? Also pump just undoes from side casing , no need to remove side cover ? Noticed today milky scum in breather tube, and Gearbox oil just starting to go cloudy. thank you all for the replies, if anyone can help me post a pic that would be brilliant. Cheers..
  8. Thank you all for the info, rode comp for about 4 hours on Sunday, and no moisture or weeping out bleed valve, cleaning it must have helped? Surprisingl the detonation was reduced after dropping needle down 1 notch. But interested about the water pump seals, a sure sign would be some discolouration in the gearbox oil and some pressurization out the breather tube? Perhaps best for peace of mind replace seals on water pump, any one know part No.? or recommend a superior alternative> Cheers.
  9. Ahaa. it does have that, judging by the crud on the relief valve and carbon type coating on the filler cap. i have cleaned them both so will check after comp tomorrow. Thank you for the replies.
  10. Why thank you kind sir! I'll reset tomorrow before trial and try it out.
  11. To be fair i don't know, it was a pretty testy time getting dealer to realize that my concerns on bottom end had been present for 5-6 months and getting worse, tried to fob off as rattly clutch, but clutches dont rattle when riding or under load !.
  12. Now this is a curly one, after issues with faulty bottom end bearings, for some reason my the brass pressure relief valve beside the screw in radiator filler has started weeping, stops when fan comes on, i took cap off and it had like a carbon build up on the base and a bit of the thread of the main cap, also the relief valve was covered with gunk, not bad but a bit. I know its two stroke, BUT could the o'ring on the head be allowing pressure into the cooling system ?This is only recently happened, and it seems to coincide with a bit of detonation under throttle. I have dropped the needle 1 to lean it a bit, and will run in comp tomorrow. I did not when idling bike there seemed to be fine bubbles under a bit of throttle, just like a head gasket on a 4stroke car engine. Any thoughts anyone ? the level was down to the top of the internal fins, it was full after bearing surgery. HELP, thanking you in anticipation of some clever person knowing whats going on.
  13. I had to have mine replaced after about 8 hrs riding, under warranty after a huge fight with dealer, case hardening on ball bearings going. mind you mine is the 2014/15 eco 250 parts bins special so who knows of the origin of some of the parts?
  14. Finally after having to threaten with refund or replacement, was it taken seriously. Mechanic must have replaced the batteries in his ear trumpet, agreed 6 months after issue was first noted. SAGA! Bike was stripped, AND, you guessed it, big end bearings crook, TA DA! Jeez ! 3 weeks later still waiting for parts, ho hum here we go again. Doesn't reflect well in a lot of areas, distributor, reseller, and nut monkey. As is sadly all too common today, you don't find out how good or bad suppliers - resellers are, until you have a problem.
  15. How do i tell what year engine the bike has, No.s Read : GG251313050450. looking at that i assume it's a 2013 ?
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