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  1. Haha! That was fantastic tankygsy - definitely not the sort of fall I was expecting to see either (I was expecting one thay looked like it would hurt). That impressed me too Dave - bent all the way back on itself and doesn't have a scratch, good ol' rev 3!
  2. If you fancy a laugh and want to see how falling is done and made to look effortless then here's a video of me falling off whilst trying to practice wheelies (if anyone else is put off by giving wheelies a go - there's nothing to worry about). How's my dismounting technique?
  3. Suprisingly I was playing football; only managed to get some cuts and scrapes on the bike. It's everything else that's unsafe aha.
  4. Thanks for the reply Will; yeah I'm definitely going to take it easy as I want to be able to use it properly and continue trialing afterwards. Is it usually a case of going easy on it after it's fully healed/I'll be doing that regardless. Aha yeah I think that's the problem Andy - I'll be stopping all these other dangerous sports and stick with trials
  5. Thanks for the feedback matey Glad you liked it over there - it's not a bad place to learn (more challenging and so tests you a bit more than riding up hills at a quarry imo). I've managed to break my scaphoid so I'm off my bike for a fair few weeks so that's plenty of time to catch up ... You too dad
  6. Hi All, managed to break my scaphoid last week (suprisingly due to playing football and not riding my bike). Due to the nature of the bone; I'm in a cast for at least 6 weeks, possibly double that. Which is a massive bummer as I was looking forward to getting out on my bike in this lovely weather Hopefully it'll be healed in time for summer. Anyone else broken this bone? If so how long before you got back on your bike/how long before it was back to full strength?
  7. Just to throw a bit more info into the mix. I too read all the people saying something along the lines of "anything over 250 is gonna be too powerful to learn on". I'm 22, 5'11" and weigh about 13 stone. I used to ride scramblers around a field when I was about 10. Rode my dads gas gas once or twice when I was about 15 and since then haven't riden a bike at all. I bought a 270cc Beta Rev 3 last month and have had about 16 hours on it (a few weekends) and I am now tackling waist high logs etc reasonably easily. I can't say I've ever thought it was too powerful to handle at all in that time 'nor that I've been out of my depth. Go ahead and get a bigger bike I'd say
  8. Not tried the Ryan Young one although I've heard nothing but good things about it. I've got this one: http://www.trialsuk.co.uk/products/learning-trials-dvd and it's fantastic imo. Covers all maintenance and bike set-up and teaches pretty much all of the techniques, from basics like positioning to wheelies to hop ups etc. I'd definitely recommend it as you can't go wrong with it!
  9. Brilliant! That was the sort of thing I was after - thanks for that. Didn't even realise I was turning wrong, so that'll be a big help. Thanks!
  10. Yeah, Poles Wood is still going strong matey - It's not the old boys son in charge. I believe you can still get application forms over the road at the secret nuclear bunker. Alternatively, I think someone posted the application form on here/the owners details (I think I messaged someone on here to get the application form). Hope that helps slightly, take care and will most likely see you around
  11. My excuses first aha : It's my first time on a trials bike and first time on a motorbike since I was about 10ish, so excuse the whole non-impressiveness of it. Just after some tips if you can spot anything in the small amount I did in the videos. Thanks, Josh.
  12. Hi Dave, Cheers for the info. I think we're both aiming to get as much time on the bike as possible (well as long as my fitness will allow aha) so will probably be over poles wood the whole weekend. We'll be sure to say allo if we spot you - most likely be the even wobblier ones. Take care matey, Josh.
  13. I'm around the Colchester area too - should be seeing my dad and I at Poles woods - what do you ride/ whereabouts from Colchester you from? My bad: Just seen that you don't have a bike yet - what money you looking to spend?
  14. Hi all, Just a heads up that my dad and I have just got into trials again (we had a Gas Gas a fair few years ago that we used to ride over Poles Woods). I've now got myself a nice 2004 Beta Rev 3 270 and my dad is picking up a tidy 07/08 Gas Gas 250 tonight. Expect to see both of us over Poles Woods pretty often as well as some of the Southend/Eastern trials events (after we've both got good enough to not embarrass ourselves). I'll be the young one on the Beta and my dad will be the old bugger on his Gas Gas (sorry dad aha) - if you see us about - come over and say hi My bike:
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