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  1. This lid that Mark Webber is wearing looks a reasonable comprimise but not sure who the manufacturer is...
  2. Cheers Guys. I was hoping someone would just say its Honda part number ......... or RS part number ....... etc.... but I can work it out. When I took the forks apart one circlip shattered on removal and the other bent so I just binned them as when I've done Paoli and Marzocci seals on modern machines the clip has come with the seals but not for the TLR Showa's.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know the circlip number or size for seal retaining on TLR 35mm forks? Cheers, Gary.
  4. I'm not to sure be honest. I've posted this on behalf of a club member. At the moment its just important to get it out there so folks can keep a eye out... If I hear anymore about security I'll let you know.
  5. Hi All, PLEASE SHARE WITH EVERYONE AND MAKE THESE BIKES TOO HOT TO HANDLE! Last night, 20/8/15, my pride and joy TLR 200 along with my son's TL 125 were stolen from Bransgore, Hampshire. Attached is a photo of the TLR, reg no A522 BHL, engine number MD09E-1024961, frame number MD09-1024961. Regrettably I don't have details on the TL 125 other than it was in original condition but hadn't been run for several years. If you hear about a bike for sale or are looking at a TLR please check the frame number and give me a call, perhaps asking if they have any other old Honda's for sale. Kind regards, Jon Macklin 07764 320519
  6. I've loosely wirelocked the red stop cap to the handle bars with enough length for it to come off but restricts it from hitting me. The elastic lanyard has a plastic clip that come detached so I don't get dragged down with the big in the event of a big crash. It also ensures I turn upto the trial with the red cutout cap! Gotta be on the left as it allows selection of neutral using your hand as these modern bikes are almost impossible to find it with your feet...
  7. Hi, I've managed to get hold of a TLR rear hub, looked okay but needed a bit of a clean up but after bead blasting I noticed cracking around the spoke holes on the brake lining side of the hub. Had I used it as is I would have not noticed these cracks due to the paint covering them but now I know I'm wary about using it. So... whats the options? The cracks don't appear to go into the spoke counter bore holes and aren't visable on the internal diameter of the hub flange so are these surface cracks? could they be machined off by turning down that flange diameter as I don't think this is a stressed feature? what about welding? I thought about turning the diameter parallel and shrinking a stainless ring on it? Whats people thoughts and I'd be interested to know how many other TLR hubs are like this with people unaware... Cheers, Gary.
  8. Just from a cable bend perpective I'd have thought the drum on left side (nearside) as the front brake lever is on the right hence the cable radius being not so tight and an better brake action.
  9. Hi, I've just been given a 36 spoke tubeless rim from a mid 90's gasser in good condition. I'm looking to lace this to a TLR hub but don't want to use my existing TLR hub as the wheel & hub are good and I want to keep as spare. So I'm looking out for a used TLR hub from the usual places but in the meantime I'm wondering is there are any alternatives that will fit and might be better than the TLR hub / brake? e.g. Will a TY250 mono hub fit? how much modding required? any gains for the amount of work etc? Cheers, Gary.
  10. The disposal document I received through the post which is also registered at a goverment office has no mention of fly tipping! It was disposed of in the correct manner. The company I used does private jobs at a reasonable cost due to being able to piggy back them onto a larger industrial contracts. I almiost feel insulted that you think I would engage into a contract knowing it might be fly tipped...
  11. As with most things in life you should shop around and get more quotes. Some places might not really want the job for some reason but rather than decline they quote a high cost and in the event the customer accepts they are quids in. Off topic a bit, but last year I had my asbestos garage roof removed and had quotes ranging from £350 to £1800 and the largest quote was the first one I got back and I nearly fell over when I saw the price... If it were me I'd be trying to get 3 quotes for your chroming.
  12. Just a note that this weekend (22nd Feb) is not a Waltham Chase Trial at Hut Hill but a open to centre Southampton & District MCC trial and they don't tend to have a beginners route as Waltham Chase do. By all means still ride it but if its a bit servere don't let that put either of you off trials as Waltham Chase cater better for newbies...
  13. As Burns said its probably dirt or water in the carb and it needs cleaning out, but a little tip if it happens again while riding is to get the bike going on tickover then put the choke on which can "sometimes" allow you to rev it past the bogging down point and and give it a handful and this can pull whats causing your issue through the carb. If it works don't forget to turn your choke off... I had this problem a while ago after the first lap of a trial and this worked and managed to complete the event.
  14. Or as a mate of mine used to say... "One swallow does not make her my girlfiend..."
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