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  1. I'm awake at 2:20am talking lithium batteries.....oh dear!
  2. You could buy a 12v Lithium battery. They weigh nothing and could be strapped to somewhere convenient (best of luck with finding that place though).
  3. I love my 4RT. It's been a great bike. It's done for my elbow though. Riding trails on it has been a blast, but my left elbow has been getting worse and worse, clonking if out too long. Not good! So, I've been waiting months and had 4Ride on order with Mick from MSPORT. Very sad to hear he died suddenly :-( Very sad. Makes my dodgy elbow seem a very small issue. Was hoping extra 4Ride suspension travel would help elbow but only one inch extra. All the dealers seem to have a waiting list now and I can't wait months and months for something more plush. So I went Orange! Bought a Freeride 350. Have to say it's pretty brilliant after the 4RT. Plush! It's a different animal of course, but I'm loving the gearing for road sections and the extra oomph means it's easy to keep up with the traffic. I've put a trials handlebar on it, heated grips - yay! Is it as much fun as the 4RT? I suspect it will be, just in a different way. The grip is incredible! The 4RT better, but not by much! It has a starter motor...yep, something real nice about pressing that button. Today I was out for 2 1/2hrs. Pretty much went the same places I usually go on the 4RT. Did it all to be honest! Heavier clutch...not like. Whereas the 4RT is easier to ride physically, it's often upset when you hit hidden roots and branches, whereas the Freeride is much more composed (probably because of its weight and beefier suspension) so the work rate ends up similar, just different. I miss the extra steering travel as the FR is much tighter. Biggest surprise for me personally is the fact that the trials skills I've learnt this past year have moved over seemlessly to the FR. Strongly recommend this route to off-roading if you're thinking about it and don't have a dodgy elbow! On that basis the 4Ride will be just brilliant. I have to admit the Freeride is a much better choice for me though. Never thought I'd be saying that! Think I may just have to keep both!
  4. I got excited to see this....but then I watched it Is there a reason why people who go to test ride bikes at launch parties never seem to post video's of the experience? Is there some kind of embargo? Seems many people went to ride one...maybe they don't have Youtube accounts :-)
  5. Today is Dealer try-out day I'm told, so there should be a bit more info coming.
  6. Good spot. Will have to ask my brother to translate though! Actually think that looks pretty good. Suspension definitely looks longer. A bit plastic looking but so is the 4RT. Changed the fork oil again today on the 4RT. Pretty dirty at the bottom, a bit like graphite grease, but way better than the first service. Engine oil discoloured but clean really. Pre filter immaculate and could've kept the old oil filter - still had its yellow/orange colour! For sure Honda really do make an decent engine!
  7. Why? Was hoping one would land in my inbox this month. Where? UK, Gloucestershire.
  8. As title. Why on earth don't Ohlins make forks for trials bikes? Maybe it's just me but in a world where new markets are difficult to find for products there's one staring them in the face!! Gold forks anyone? Yep...love gold forks. Imagine they would work pretty well too! I think the 4RT clamps are 39mm, Which is an odd size. Can't see that the do any to suit.
  9. I know this won't help but....went from an exc-f 350 (great bike) to a 2015 4rt. I've realised that the 350 was holding me back. 4RT not so good for my tennis elbow though, so waiting for a 4ride to see if more appropriate for laning. Tried a Freeride 250R 2T - hated the nasty rough spluttery noisy smelly engine
  10. That's not the news I wanted to hear!
  11. And the difference would be? Just brand satisfaction? Or will it make your muscles look bigger and your wallet thinner?
  12. It will feel front lighter with a more powerful engine won't it? Just a thought.
  13. I've removed mine and fitted a lanyard switch, so yes I guess. Why?
  14. So every time you start it you push the kicker through a stroke and then a soft press starts it? I'll try that. I've had it a year and it's a cow's udder to start when hot. First kick when cold. On my 260Rt it starts fine in neutral. If its in gear it really struggles. Always had to give it a good kick though. I've tried slow kick. Maybe not the prime kick as above though. Sometimes its like the ecu is confused. When its hot and switched off for 5 mins it sometimes won't start unless i hold full throttle, give it a couple of light kicks to reset it, then it starts first time! Now Im left wondering if the one or two reset kicks are actually just priming it as above.
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