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  1. md04

    Choke Runner

    magic thanks i'll give it a good clean and blast with the air hose
  2. md04

    Fantic 240 Jetting

    simple phone The Pye
  3. md04

    Choke Runner

    Hey guys my mate has a 04 290 and it only runs clean with the choke on as soon as he puts it down it cuts out have any of you had the same issues what are your thoughts. mucho gracias.
  4. Ever thought your feet are too big ha, perhaps its getting caught on the sections your doing its a tough call
  5. md04


    thanks for that i might give it a try nothing worse than a leaking seal. Did you manage to get the correct torqe pressure when locking it up?
  6. md04


    Hey guys have any of you fabricated a cartridge holding tool for the left fork leg on the 315R if so tell me please coz the proper tool is crazy expensive. thanks
  7. md04


    thanks need to get myself a manuel
  8. md04


    Hey guys what is the procedure for stripping down the left fork leg on a 315R 04 and do u need a special (honda only makes them) tool or can you buy one of the shelf. thanks
  9. Hi there i think they are quite similar i know for sure the forks are different,on 00-04 have Showa.Think the power is sharper on th newer bike too and the back brake caliper is flush with swingarm ofcourse the visual is 04 red tank and white mudguards,03 all red not sure about 02&01,i had a 98 a few years ago and it was black tank and fenders you can always check online for pictures and spec
  10. md04

    Skid Plate Wtf

    Thats it then motion carried rachet strap it is. Thanks guys 1st trial with the new bike on Sunday it will be like Toni Bou at Sheffield!!!
  11. md04

    Skid Plate Wtf

    hey guys whats up with the 315R skid plate? it came off no problem but trying to get it back on was a different story,when i tried to put it back on its like its sprung out of shape as it dosent sit flush with the mountings and looks like it will hit the cases .Has anyone else experienced this? is there an easy way as i have an event this weekend and need to get it on... thanks
  12. md04


    Hi there i use Pidcocks for parts just tell them whats wrong with the bike and they will tell you what you need parts wise, it will need the barrell rebored or replated(which ever can be done)also piston & rings,gudgeon pin,small end bearing,circlips,head gasket & base gasket.It would be wise at this stage to check for play in the big end too (side to side ok its the up & down movement you dont want)hold the conrod and try to move it up & down on the big end bearing if your unsure get someone check it over who does as it might not need done.You might want to check the condition of the main bearing oilseals,if your bike needs the big end done tho you would automatically change the main bearing and seals and any other parts that need done while the cases are split depending on the depth of your pockets. Hope this is of some use and you only need some of the above...
  13. md04

    315R Forks

    Hi, they have small scores in the stantions nothin severe but they are leaking and i assumed it was the scores were ripping up the seals ive got new seals might put them in and see if it does the trick.I was wondering if there's anyone out there that can repair the scores.
  14. md04

    315R Forks

    Hi guys anyone know of someone who can repair forks?
  15. md04

    I Got One

    You need to get a tyre with spikes,i'll check them out
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