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  1. Asking for a friend...for those who by necessity or design choose to install a mikuni carb on an earlier Alpina or Sherpa T what have you found to adapt the airbox side 1.75"o.d. carb flange to the 2" i.d. rubber airbox intake hose ?Thanks Alpthusiast?
  2. Thanks guys,for all the helpful information! Alpthusiast ?
  3. Thankyou,so is the 124/125 considered the later style?Was there a running change to that frame or am I thinking of the the 92? I wondered if the one on the right was for an earlier one with the horizontal muffler or? Thanks again ! ??
  4. Try a new condensor, you can mount an automotive condensor under the gas tank on the horn mount.
  5. Hello Gentlemen, I am from the USA and I am seeking some information regarding the Homerlight tanks as fitted to your U.K. Sherpa T's. In the photo's below can you tell me what the differences in the right side panels are for. That is which tank fits what? The tank on the left has straight side panels and the one on the right has an outward bulge. thanks! sincerely, Glenn Ranz aka Alpthusiast
  6. Search bultaco 199b transmission then click on sellers other items , that's the only way that I can find it...
  7. Hey there's a late model 250 bultaco exhaust on eBay right now 5 hrs to go ! Seller : stemotor Alpthusiast
  8. Greetings,the 165 and the 187 are the same bike essentially I don't know About any Sherpa T interchangeability Many exhausts look the same but are slightly different . 165 or 187... Best wishes Alpthusiast ?
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