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  1. Take a close look to make sure it coming out of the overflow and not around the bottom for rad fan cowl. My plastic cowl rubbed though my rad fins and had to fix it with jb weld the put silicon between the cowl and rad to ensure it doesn't happen again.
  2. Best news all week I have a seal on order thanks Neo
  3. Hi guys My gear lever oil seal is leaking quite badly and will need replaced, does this require a full strip down of the engine ? Is the seal pressed in from behind ? I fear the answer to both questions will be yes but just incase anyone has managed to change one another way without a strip down. Cheers RickyMcG
  4. Hi all I decided to go for XCTING boots in the end and I treat them with baby oil after every wash, time will tell how well they stand up to wear and tear. Cheers of the replys
  5. Hi Guys I have got a pair of white hebo boots but have just read some of the bad press about them on here. out of the fallowing list which are best might go back and change them:- Wulf sport La Forma Boulder xc-ting
  6. Garage is a bit of a dumping ground at the mo lol I have only been out three times but the bike is great the torque is very impressive which makes climing rock sections is a piece of cake. I have a trials mtb back ground but i have a feeling the sherco is doing all the work with very little of input me.
  7. Thanks for the comments felt like a nob recording myself lol Its a handy way to condition your legs, hips and find your center of gravity.
  8. Hi all Im new to trials and this forum, thought i would start my first post with a vid lol A bit pointless really lol
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