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  1. deonattard

    Ossa Footrests

    The raptors I had which were supposed to fit a 2012 bike, didn't. Hopefully they've got it sorted by now as that was a while ago.
  2. You guys must have a different version of the manual to me, I have a 2011 and 2012 book and both say 110:1
  3. My father and I had more trouble starting ours than probably anyone on here. Once we got the 12v battery packs hooked up we've been happy as larry. Have ridden everything else on the market and the only other bike I really like is the Montesa. I'm sure I'd get used to any of the others but the Ossa just feel really nice to me soon as I jumped on it.
  4. If you want to try one of our bikes whlie you are here let me know. Just bring your boots and helmet. I wouldn't mind a look at the 2013 if you can fit it in the car!!
  5. What if you leave a little free-play but adjust the lever out a bit further so it compresses the clutch a little more? We have two 2012's and with the GRO 75w and regular oil changes, the clutches are to my liking and if we get any drag its only for the first couple of minutes until warm.
  6. Give Phil Wilson a call: http://www.norside.com.au/ He keeps it in stock for me usually so should be able to post you some.
  7. Definitely run the GRO 75w. We tested a few different oils and it was definitely the best. You still get a little cold drag but its gone once the bike is warm. Ossaman26 - have you played with the clutch lever adjustment to cure your drag? Also I presume your oil is fresh, once the oil gets a bit old in our bikes we find the clutch will start to drag. You need to do the first 3-4 oil changes every maybe 5hrs, after that the oil stays heaps cleaner and you can stretch out the intervals more if you wish.
  8. Parts ordered from the local dealer, price seemed reasonable. Looking foward to receiving them.
  9. I get enough excuses from the importer, I don't think he needs anyone else making up more for him. In a competitive industry he'd be out of business, no question about it.
  10. Pretty pointless since Ossa just keeps referring me back to the importer who at the time of enquiry didn't have the parts.
  11. Anyone managed to get a hold of any 2013 parts yet? If so, where from?
  12. For me another reason to stick with the 12v solution was that the bikes are harder to stall at low rpm, whatever works for you though. The 9v system certainly would be less effort required to hook it up if you were starting from scratch but I don't think it has all the same benefits. We find there is no flooding issue with the 12v setup as long as you get the kick starter to the top of the stroke before turning on the battery. If you don't do this there is a very small risk of flooding. If you do flood the bike, simply hold it wide open throttle and it will start within 4 kicks in my experience.
  13. Replace the capacitor behind the front headlight with a 12v re-chargeable battery as mentioned in this thread and you'll be happy as larry. Its easy to make if you can't get one from your dealer. We had all the same issues, tried special fuel/oil mixtures, special plugs, got other people to "kick it properly" and all the other BS spun to me from the dealer. Battery on, problem gone.
  14. Dealer stock is 8 weeks away - usually if they tell me something is 8 weeks away its probably more like 12 weeks or sometimes the parts just don't show up, ever. I'd rather order from someone had actually had one on hand.
  15. I'm after a 2013 Seat and Rear Mud Guard, anyone know where I can order one from? Also interested in the air filter/wiring kit which is in the special parts catalogue.
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