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  1. Click Here For Info And Pics Of The Chain Guard Enjoy
  2. Ohhhhhhh yes. Its the dogs knackers, P.M me with your email address and i'll send you pic's of the chain guard. I could talk about how good it is all night but i need to go to bed so ..... put it simple, Buy it, Fit it, and no more cut boots. It also looks realy cool. Enjoy
  3. Try changing the spell check, see if that helps
  4. One day last year I sent emails to loads of trials related companies for
  5. Im thinkin he's on about the Trials Central photo gallery
  6. Oh well im not to sure then. I suppose it will just be the same wool stuff that
  7. Yes my old Beta had that round plate with holes in. I think i have a small peice of it in my garrage if you would like a photo.
  8. Dozey me, What Gearbox Oil Do You Recommend
  9. Or what , Right so 450cc is 450ml. Just need to double check before i blow my bike up
  10. Bet your well chuffed, you'l be pro in no time
  11. What was your score Jack
  12. Right I have a 2003 sherco 2.0 and I
  13. Landrover is doing his rev3 main barings at the monent, Drop him a PM
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