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  1. nice idea,,,,needs alot of updating...
  2. funny, after set up and break in...all iv had to do, is add fuel. change the oil...and ride it...i live at high alt, and ride at low alt, as well,...never had to adjust anything..runs like a champ, more power then ill ever need..reliable..sweet looking. i did order and set this bike up the way i wanted...and for 5700 ft, for a 235 pound rider, i set up the high alt carb spring, T pipe, dropped the front sproket down one tooth, added red springs, better brake pads. and added the 2 T rear fender... after 3 oil changes, i swaped out the paper POS filter for a steel cleanable one, and use only motorex oil...clean the air filter every ride.. like any motorcycle..taking care of it is king..and buy what you like... you can get a new Beta for the price of a used Montesa.. i ride them 2 years, trade them in for a new model...
  3. http://www.ebay.com/itm/SUZUKI-STAINLESS-STEEL-OIL-FILTER-DRZ-DRZ400-DR-00-09-/110439110927?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19b6af190f&vxp=mtr
  4. my bad...35.00 Fleabay...same as Suzuki DRZ and KXF Kawasaki...lol// thought he was asking about the pipe.... 500 bucks on a filter...lol...
  5. im 235. and have the red springs on my 13 4 T...takes a little to break em in,. but love it..
  6. chuckindenver

    Big Bore Kit

    think they call it a 125 ..lol dont think they do..
  7. Turkey Bowl???what you smokin in that???
  8. beta sells it...500.00 i think...i got mine in the package..
  9. chuckindenver

    Synthetic Atf

    auto trac...not ATF...
  10. sell your bike, and buy what you want...youll be happy in the long run.
  11. i never had a frame issue with my 09..springs were junk. easy enough fix. lots of great power, i added an S3 pipe. thick base gasket, smooth clutch, and changed out the cheap wheel bearings for quality ones..added grease zirks to the shock linkage...worked very well, id still be riding it, had i not up graded to a 2013 4T... keep in mind...i dont jump off 20 ft rocks. or zap up 20 ft splatters... id stay away from the techno parts are getting sketchy,...Rev 3 for a older novice would be a great choice. low and back pegs make the bike a dream to turn. the Rev had some clutch issues..but most of that can be cured with quality oil, and avoiding ATF..
  12. have a 99 suburban thats been all over the land, with a trailer, or hitch hauler, also my old school Chevy truck with camper for weekend long events, i used a plain astro van for a couple years, cheaper to drive that...but the trans started to get week, so i parted it out... would use an Astro van again with lower miles...2 Trials bikes, riders, gear, and ravanesh Brittany Spanials fit nicely..
  13. chuckindenver

    Evo Plastics

    2013 fender bolts on, you have to buy the box cover as well., drill a hole in the front tab..best bet for easy filter cleaning...cost a bit though
  14. down load the shop manual...
  15. iv had a 2010 and now a 2013 4T 300, worth the extra money for the T pipe, and update springs...oil change is king, get ride of the paper filter for a stainless replacememt.. i may sell my 2013 less then 20 hours on it...
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