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  1. The company I work for we build Medical Mobile Units that’s the fabrication shop I’m in there’s many tables bigger as well
  2. Ok thanks for the fast response everyone I see now trying to figure out what direction to go with Shocks mono or twin if mono it’ll have to be side mount.
  3. Hey everyone is there a Trials bike where the mono shock Is mounted to one side of the swingarm?
  4. Yes I’m trying to figure that out now, not sure if I should figure ground clearance right now it’s sitting at 15” maybe alittle to much?
  5. Looks like I’m pushing 28 degrees, here’s what I have so far yes the knobby tires are going I scored the wheels for 100 bucks couldn’t pass it up.
  6. Yes 21” front wheel
  7. Hi I’m doing a Honda cub trials build what’s the ideal head tube angle on a Trials bike, I’m using modern front suspension off a 06 KX85. Just trying to get in the general area
  8. I’ll cut in the tunnel next then finish front of tank
  9. Started fabrication on the tank, 0.090 Aluminum
  10. So just went out and looked at my build and on a early 60s Honda cub the VIN appears to be on the body left side above the engine not on the head tube I looked there to and no vin so guess I’m good to go either way
  11. My intention are to just build a fun trials type trail machine to play around on no vin needed.
  12. Thanks I’ll be sure and Were my boots lol..
  13. Was just looking to get something to ride around with my grandson on the trails so I decided to build something and this is what I’ve come up with so far. A early 60s Honda cub with 06 kx85 suspension but still twin shocks and build my own tank, still a long ways to go
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