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  1. WOW!!! VERY NICE! Have fun with that. Did you replace the original wheels?
  2. I have recently acquired a '75 TL125. I've been perusing the net to see what people had done to them. I ran across this one that is somewhere in Britain. I believe it is an "S" model. Any information on the build of this bike would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Good points...both of them. Yeah, I don;t know that this tank is gonna dent. It will do the Humpty-Dumpty thing and that will be it. I'm a novice and "plan" to ride accordingly. Wiring...hummm, I'll address that before I load up. I'll cut a channel in the neptrene and try to insulate the wiring.
  4. Larry Edwards '72 Ossa MAR
  5. Well, for anyone interested, I have made considerable progress. I did get my bash plate / bolt up issue solved, at least until I bash it but for now seems to be goot-n-tight and as I mentioned in my previous post, I did put som neoprene rubber between the plate and engine cases to act as a vibration damper. Now there was one other thing I did but, not going to get into that on the grounds this it my make me look pretty stupid. At any rate after the addition of the neoprene the thing runs/sounds like a Rolex! It is so quite and smooth. I have to admit that I was astonished. It had been SO LOUD and buzzy before, easily give my CZ a run racket wise. Now it just purrs. So, between my front yard and backyard I puttered around about six short sections...what a tractor! Now chaning the fork oil and going to a friend's place tomorrow morning. About 5 miles from my house, he has 15 acres and says I can help myself to any of it I like...WOOOO-HOOOO!!!
  6. Hey Guys, Thanks for all the help. Just as you say, I found out the left side frame tab is extra thick and as noted the bolt were AT ONE TIME THREADED. Looks like the had been drilled out. On a long shot I ran 8mm tap through it. Seems like I was able to cut some threads so I'm gonna see how that works and yeah, the right side can be done with nuts and bolts but I may tap those too. Closer examination of my bash plate revealed the word "RENTHAL" stamped in it...interesting, huh? It has holes drilled for the right and left rear mounts but, none for the center...I guess even Renthal gave up on those. After I get some time on the bike I'll take a shot at getting those hole located. Also thinking of putting some thin neoprene rubber or rubber strip in between the bash plate and engine cases just to see if it will dampen some of the engine noise and vibration. I doubt I'm the first to think of this. Anybody else??? Does it work? I figure it can't hurt. So, now I'm gonna get this thing buttoned up and get some time on it...hopefully without getting my neighbors too upset. Thanks again to all...more questions to follow in the future I'm sure...By the way, anybody currently riding an MAR in AHRMA events? Thanks, Shoe
  7. Thanks there Canada but, while your method may help with the front mounts, it won't help with the rears. The nuts for the rear mounts/bracket are in a VERY TIGHT space between the engine and bracket. But thanks again, Shoe
  8. Hey guys, I WILL GET A BOOK...SOON but, in the mean time I'm trying to sort a couple of things out so I can get a little riding in. I noticed a couple of bolts missing from the rear of the bash plate on my bike which probably accounts for a lot of the noise my bike seems to make. The more I looked at it, which really wasn't very long, it "seemed" pretty apparent that the only way to get the bolts in and get nuts on them, which are under the rear of the engine, is to 1.) remove the engine, 2.) bolt/nut up the bash plat, 3.) put the engine back in....IS THAT RIGHT!? Seems like it has to be but, certainly not very convenient. It looks like with the bash plate in place, getting the engine back in is going to be a pretty snug fit. If that's the way it is...that's the way it is but, I've already got another idea...I think. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Shoe
  9. Thanks guys! That helps, I wondered but, thought maybe I was missing something more obvious. I have another question but, it is not directly related so I will start another thread. Thanks again, Shoe
  10. Hi All, Might be scary that I'd have to ask this but, this is my first Ossa so... Anyway, can some please tell me where the transmission oil fill location is on a '72 MAR? The drain was pretty straight forward, I think...big plug on the bottom, right? Fill location is not so evident. I understand the volume is 800cc-1000cc. Thanks in advance, Shoe
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