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  1. Hi Ian, I am also a member of ESTC, started riding this year and have done 2 trials as a novice and try to practice most weekends. I am 48 and tend to be careful around rocks etc, I ride for fun. Message me when you join and I'll meet you there. Mike.
  2. Thanks for the warning Nelly1
  3. Hi, I have recently purchased an 08 beta 80 for my son, I was supplied with replacement bushes for the swing arm as part of the deal but when I dismatled the swing arm they are needle bearings. The seller said bushes are better than bearings as they last longer. I am new to trials and bike maintenance and would value any input on whether to use bearings or bushes. Thanks,
  4. Hi, I have also been to Stu Days trial school and it was excellent. Stu is a really helpful guy and he will set you right. The venue is on large farm land and all types of terrain are available. My experience day was with other riders and we learnt a lot. You get a full day riding, lunch and good banter. Well worth the money, he also supplies all the clothing, boots, gloves and helmet.
  5. Hi Hanks, Thanks for the PM, definitely gonna go, PM your contact no. and i'll call you and meet you there. Anyone else going to Walsall MCC at Hobbs Hole Lane this Sat 7th at 3.30pm. Mike.
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys and the pm, very interested will contact you Sparky. Cheers.
  7. Hi all, Earlier this year i went on a trial intro day and had so much fun I brought one. Its a 250 gasgas and i'm a noobie, well almost. In younger years i rode a few field bikes and quads. Anyway i'm looking for buddies to ride/learn with. I live in Sutton Coldfield. Thanks.
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