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  1. petrolium


    lol when he got to the top did his wrist lock up
  2. petrolium

    Youth Forum

    text talk sucks!!! woohooo a youth section
  3. ay up mate, new here myself, and to motorbike trials, ive had no problems so far, then again only been a member a day
  4. well if your after a 20" mod bike - the best bike to start with is an onza t-pro if your after a 26" stock bike - the best bike to start with is an onza t-rex spec 2 if you can, spec 1 if not in reply to gasgaspunkuk, you could probablyi pick up a decent onza t-pro (20")with maggies for pretty cheap, they're often on ebay, if you can't find one there keep checking www.trials-forum.co.ukfor one, in the forsale and wanted section. NOTE: there is a validation system so you can't post in the forsale and wanted section, but if you find a bike you want, add them to msn nath
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