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  1. If the cap fits, I'll wear it. How ya doin Craig, when you comin this neck of the woods again? Its alot quieter without you about!
  2. Lets hope he adapts to europe, travelling and being away from home better than Pat did, good luck to him.
  3. This sounds mega, sounds like its going to be a great opener to the season. Really looking forward to it. If only we had English District Councils fighting over who could host a World Trials GP. Cya next April.
  4. adsy

    Scott Question

    Yep thats me Perce, and my name sits proudly on the same trophy Gerald Richardson, and a few other good riders, my Scott claim to fame. If I recall I was the first person out of time in 2000 as well, about 1 minute out of time!!! I was also the last person to finish this years Scottish as well, due to Saturday being my late day and a front punture on the way back to Town Hall Brae. Maybe I should shut up, there seems to be a theme appearing.
  5. adsy

    Scott Question

    Already got one thanks. It tells you who won overall, and who was fastest, but not who was best on observation?
  6. Has anyone won The Scott having not set the fastest time, or the best observation score??? If so, who and when??
  7. adsy

    Rev 4t On Ebay

    Saw this on Ebay, and it looks in good nick, it is described as an 08 model, but I'm not sure? Ebay rev 4T For a start it does not have the guard on the front pipe to stop you burning your leg, as per the 08 model?
  8. Have heard its absolutely p#$$%ng it down! Good weather for the Brits.
  9. adsy

    Ssdt 2008 Dvd

    Recieved my copy earlier this week. Watched it last night, and exellent it is too, congrats to all on some mege footage and a great DVD. At least I made it into the fiasco's! Cheers guys, my
  10. Anybody know the results in the expert and youth classes?
  11. adsy

    If He Looks Like

    Jack is seventeen and passed his full bike teston the Friday just before we set off up to Fort William! He could have rode a 250 etc but he will be riding the 125cc in everything, right up until the WTC has finished.
  12. adsy


    Youths: 1st Jack Challoner ( get in ) 2nd Pastoriza 3rd Smage Junior: 1st Gubian 2nd Wigg 3rd Haslam
  13. I didn't clock it exactly, but I guess about 28 to the gallon, but i was giving it some stick. I reckon driven abit more frugally you would easily get well over 30 to the gallon.
  14. I have a vito 115cdi and i think its spot on for towing. I recently towed a caravan to Luxembourg with 3 bikes and all the gear in the back of the van 70mph +, no probs at all. I also tow a twin axle flat Ifor Wiliams trailer with no problems. Although it is better if there is some weight in the back of the van.
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