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  1. Hi all, just wondered if anyone has any experience of the Ohlins Gold Shock compared to the standard shock on the Evo? The Ohlins is approx £450 UK £ are they really worth the money?
  2. Thanks Dan I'll take a closer look at the washers and see they're the same. ?
  3. Hi Dan, I'm not aware of the stepped washers/spring retainers, it's not something I've changed. I went out again today and the clutch was great. The only thing was a rattle from the plates that I could hear from time to time, but in think I've read that they do that after the fix?
  4. Thanks for your help guys, I've ordered a Gasser Mudguard and Brace, maybe I'll buy a new Gasser Machine next time
  5. I've managed to break two front mudguards on my 2013 Beta Evo. The first was broken by a branch which was pulled up underneath, the second was a bit of a get off accident.. The standard mudguard is plastic and quite brittle, does anyone no of a replacement that they can recommend which will take a bit more punishment?
  6. Hi Dan, I've completed a full trial with the modified plates now and it's much much better, no drag or slip, well worth doing, very pleased. I bought new plates and spent a lot of time rubbing away the glue from I between the pads and smoothing off the tabs. The clutch is now progressive and smooth. I'd recommend the mod to anyone. Also I much prefer the power delivery without the flywheel weight, less over run on slow sections and more instant but still controllable power delivery when you need it. Thanks!
  7. Okay I bought new clutch plates and spent many hours filing in between the fibre pads and filing the tabs smooth. This afternoon I fitted the new plates and first impressions are very good, I have a lighter clutch, not too light, but a good feel. The plates don't bind like the used to and I can select neutral with no issues as well as start the engine in gear. It's a definite improvement from what I can tell, but I'm yet to take the bike out for a days trial to really test it when it's up to full operating temp. The only thing I notice when taking the stock plates out is the first and last friction plates are different with larger fibre pads and less gap in between. The plates I put in are all identical. What's the reason for the different first and last friction plates and what if any benefit do they bring? I will come back and write a further report once a full test has been done. Bike: Beta Evo 250 2T 2013
  8. Hi Dan thanks for all your help, yes once I've given the new clutch a fair test I'll come back and write a review of my findings. Have a great day, bedtime here! :-)
  9. I've bought mine and booked the hotel, never been before, really looking forward to a great weekends action!
  10. Hi Dan, I bought a new set of friction plates on Friday and I've spent a fair few hours filing them clean of glue between the fibre pads and filing the tabs smooth. They're looking pretty clean and ready to put in the bike removing the old ones. I'll soak them in some oil before hand as I'm not sure they should go in dry. So are you saying that all this effort hasn't gone to waste on my 2013 bike? I will let you know how it goes once they're in and I've tested the clutch pull and grab/drag (fingers crossed) Pete
  11. Do you think this would benefit my Beta Evo 2013 model or is it aimed mainly at the Rev3 etc?
  12. Thanks for all your replies guys, I've ordered a pair of Domino Fatbars with 5.5" rise, I'll let you know how I get on with them.
  13. Thanks for that, how tall are you? I'm thinking maybe the 5.5" will be enough for me? I'm 5'8" the Reikon bars I have as standard I believe are between 4 & 4.5" so these will make a nice difference.
  14. Guys, has anyone replaced the bars or used risers on their Beta Evo? I've got a standard Beta Evo 2013 and find the bars low, a lot of my weight therefore seems to be forward and my arms/hands get pretty tired. I've changed the footpegs to Titanium Raptor Pegs which maybe higher than the standard ones changing my riding position? I'm 5'8" tall so I'm not exactly tall, but get the feeling a slightly higher set of bars might feel more comfortable? Any ideas, personal experiences re changing bars would be great, I know Renthal, S3 to name a couple do higher bars. Not sure what rise the standard ones are though?
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